Meet The Real Brands at ABOUT INSIDER with G Gulati

Meet The Real Brands at ABOUT INSIDER with G Gulati

As the name said it all, ABOUT INSIDER is determined to bring you all about the renowned real brands from the community. The Real Brand is the exclusive segment of ABOUT INSIDER that will feature the interviews of world-renowned people from various fields, which includes Celebrities, Politicians, MDs, CEOs, Corporates, Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Architectures and so on so forth.

ABOUT INSIDER is the world’s first and only platform dedicated to featuring PERSONAL BRAND NEWS and DECODE PERSONAL BRANDS from all around the globe.

The interviews on The Real Brand are conducted by World’s Leading Personal Branding Expert Gaurav Gulati. The purpose of “The Real Brand” is to bring insight about the real brands, all about their successful lives and career via quick interviews with them and present them in the form of videos and chats.

ABOUT INSIDER objective is to give these brands recognition along with letting our audience know all about their favorite brands and get an insight about them. Some may even want to follow their favorite brand to do something great like them, we stand by our viewers and readers to get them the best.

These interviews will be readily available for all on