Music Has Always Been In Singer Aaron Kaplan’s DNA

Music Has Always Been In Singer Aaron Kaplan’s DNA

From the age of 6, Aaron Kaplan has been playing music and expanding his abilities as a musician, songwriter, and guitarist. The artist made his debut to all streaming platforms back in 2018, but began his career earlier than that. Kaplan graduated Berklee College Of Music in Boston in 1996, eventually working with high profile artists like David Bowie and Britney Spears.

Originally from New York, Kaplan moved around as a kid. He was born into a military family and attended over 13 different schools growing up as his family re-deployed nearly every year until he was about 14.

The artist currently has a publishing deal with Sony/Extreme music, but works on his own music and remains a free agent to this day. Everything Kaplan releases is self-produced, written and performed.

The artist has released a plethora of tracks on all streaming platforms, including his most recent album ‘The Moonshine Music Co: Rockabilly’. The 11-song project marks the artist’s first release since 2019. Kaplan did tell us that he plans to release more music soon.

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