New Hip Hop Hopeful Grace The Martyr Released “Just Us”

New Hip Hop Hopeful Grace The Martyr Released “Just Us”

  • Music
  • November 13, 2021

At the beginning of this year, the nation seemed to face many political issues surrounding the African American community. Grace The Martyr saw this opportunity to speak his truths and released his most popular song to date, “Just Us,” on all platforms.

Grace The Martyr wastes no time rhyming poetic bars about the black community’s history and current issues in this track. This release came at the perfect time and was well received by new as well as old Grace The Martyr fans. The song uses an Outkast sample from the song “Aquemini,” which was cleared by management due to Grace The Martyr’s holistic intentions.

Combining powerful songwriting topics with familiar samples has always been a recipe for success in the music industry. “Just Us” by Grace The Martyr is no different and is still climbing in streaming numbers even after its latter release.


Official music video for “Just Us”