Nick Pulos’s biggest strength that helped him build an empire

It is one thing to have a knack for something, and it’s another to work hard at it, and that’s what separates winners from dreamers in life. Having a dream is great; it is putting it into practice that makes all the difference.

Many people in the world might have the same skills and passion as Nick Pulos, but there’s only one Nick Pulos because he worked hard to both pursue his passions and build his name.

Asked about it, Nick Pulos pins his success on his passion for consumer technology. After years as a banker and his entry into the digital space, he had a wider view of what’s needed and where he needs to start to build his empire.

While his work ethic and ability to rise above any odds are admirable, they aren’t Zelan’s biggest business strength. As most entrepreneurs know, having a passion for something doesn’t always translate to success, and many businesses fail. So, what’s Zelan’s secret?

Keep moving. Simple and to the point. This is his biggest strength and has held true throughout his career and other aspects of his life. When Nick says Keep Moving, he doesn’t mean to run away; he means to keep fighting for what you want to achieve and not stagnate.

Nick believes that being in one place too long stunts your growth; therefore, whatever phase of your business or life you’re in, keep moving. If you can’t climb the wall or go through it, find a way around it.

Does he apply this to his daily life? Absolutely! Nick Pulos realized early on that dwelling on a failure tends to drain you of any motivation, and therefore, moving forward is the only way to find solutions. In fact, he had cited that sometimes a seemingly impossible obstacle might be solved by the next two steps you took when you’d spent a lot of time in the same place.

His strength has helped him build an empire, and he is a renowned figure in the digital space. He notes that even though this is his biggest strength, it is not the only thing that has kept him focused. His mindset has played a huge role in it, and he further says that you need to apply a winning formula to thrive in business.

If you take one thing from Nick Pulos, it’s that you should identify your biggest strength and build around it. It is just as important to identify your weaknesses.