nidal.m.lutfi’s meteoric rise in the music industry fascinates all

nidal.m.lutfi’s meteoric rise in the music industry fascinates all

As a youngster himself, he has invoked the most profound feelings in people’s hearts with his outstanding sound.

The more we talk about the insane talents of the younger brigade from various sectors and fields and the kind of success they earn for themselves all by their own as self-made success stories, the more we feel the need to talk about them, for these individuals push limits, question the status quo, and only work around creating magic in their chosen niches. So many such talented beings have been consistently produced in the music industry of the world that have made a special place for themselves in the space, even at a global level. Aspiring to reach the global stage one day is nidal.m.lutfi, who, even among much saturation in the industry, stands tall as a unique talent.

nidal.m.lutfi says that just like any other kid from the neighbourhood, he too dreamed hard to become a part of the music world and saw himself in the front of the mic both in a studio and in large crowds. His first dream is already fulfilled because this young lad has given quite a few amazing tracks like Happy B, Jazzy Chromatica, Khalta, A Loss & Hope, and really hopes to come up with many new numbers in the coming times. He reveals that when initially he had shared these dreams of his to a few individuals, they tried to lower his confidence, but his attitude of never giving up and strong willpower helped him walk his path and stop for none.

Today, people have been loving all his songs and have said to include them in their favourite music list. “This, for me, is what success looks like. Taking small steps forward and never batting an eyelid, no matter the situation. People have been really appreciative of what I have created so far and have loved my signature sound, which has only motivated me to do even better each passing day,” highlights nidal.m.lutfi.

The youngster feels he has a long way to go and wants to learn many more new things to better his musical craft and eventually become the hot favourite artist of all listeners and music lovers. Listen to him on Spotify here