Power Sportz flagship show ‘Talking Turkey With Kanthi’ off air

Power Sportz flagship show ‘Talking Turkey With Kanthi’ off air

The flagship show of the channel, Talking Turkey with Kanthi, helmed by the founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, is not going on air this friday. The news has been all over that Power Sportz is testing its new global software as it wants to get into live broadcast of matches, globally

The first day of the beta testing saw a technical snag, and the second day was a disaster. The information available with us is that a meeting was held regarding the same on Thursday, and it was attended by three former cricketers as well. This has raised significant questions as to whether Power Sportz wants to get into Cricket broadcasting

In one of the recent shows on the channel, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, has raised objections on the way BCCI indulges in monopolistic practices, and does not allow other cricket leagues to survive. Is Kanthi trying to Walk the Talk here.

Surely, Kanthi has not forgotten the legal issues that she handled personally, during the World Cup 2019 coverage. 

If Power Sportz were to get into Cricket broadcasting, it will have to cross many hurdles. The first step of broadcast technology still doesn’t seem to be in order. It sure will be a tall order by the time the channel reaches the live coverage stage.

Various reasons have been given for Talking Turkey show not going on air. One is that Kanthi is extremely busy with the new technology set up. The second is that she is quite disturbed at the technical loopholes and chooses not to go on air. The third is that she is busy with her sons board exams!

Well, it wouldn’t be long before we understand what Kanthis plans exactly are. But, what we can say for sure is that , something interesting is on the anvil.

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