Omar Navarro: Hezbollah still a significant national security threat to the United States

LOS ANGELES – Republican candidate Omar Navarro, while speaking to a crowd of supporters Wednesday night in Torrance, indicated that Iran-linked Hezbollah, a terrorist organization operating in the middle east, is still a ‘major threat to American & Israeli interests in the middle east.’

“We have all of these militant terrorist organizations actively working against the sovereignty of our allied nations in their attempt to undermine American influence. We need to figure out a solution to stop them.” he added.

Hezbollah has been problematic for most western countries in recent years, acting as a proxy-military for Iran’s geo-political interests in countries outside of its own. It attempts to set up strongholds and organize political power to advocate for Iranian interests inside those countries, or they take it by force. This behavior has landed them on the list for terrorist organizations, a title they still hold today.