NDTL suspension – Is it tailor-made for BCCI?

NDTL suspension – Is it tailor-made for BCCI?

With less than a year to the Olympics, Indian sports has found itself in the middle of a sticky situation as the world doping body WADA suspends NDTL for six months. Finding issues at the National Dope Testing Laboratory in Delhi, WADA has imposed the ban w.e.f August 20.

Henceforth, all dope testing activities in India have become a costly affair.  The samples collected from athletes will now have to be sent to WADA-accredited laboratories overseas for testing. The real predicament is that NADA declares it doesn’t have the wherewithal to get the samples tested abroad. 

In this NADA vs WADA squabble is BCCI a beneficiary?

The NDTL ban was the topic of discussion on the latest episode of “Talking Turkey with Kanthi”, the flagship program of Power Sportz, hosted by Kanthi D. Suresh, the Editor-in-chief of the channel.

The sequence of events in the run-up to the NDTL suspension seems to be conspicuous, diverting the attention towards BCCI. Although she was wasn’t drawing any conclusion, Kanthi D. Suresh said that the events give rise to some sorts of doubts in the minds of the people.

WADA is in a huge financial abyss and is looking for private funding sources to rescue itself. BCCI, being a cash-rich body would be more than happy to lend WADA the money they need, said Kanthi.

After the suspension, NADA would again lose its sway over the BCCI, not in a position to collect samples of cricketers. So, everything is likely to come back to square one and samples of cricketers would be sent IDTL like before.

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