Giorgi Danelia a born photographer and a professional drone pilot making waves on social media

Giorgi Danelia was into capturing moments since childhood He loved capturing amazing pictures as a professional does. He chose to move ahead with this profession and created a youtube channel in the year 2018 displaying best of his work to the viewers as he shot quality tech content, reviewed things, social experiments, funny challenges, impressive aerial shots also collaborated with Influencers and TV personalities.

People started loving his videos and gave him all of the attention by subscribing liking and sharing his videos which brought him up as a famous youtuber as of February 2021, His main channel had accumulated 165k subscribers yess you heard it right and 45 million views isn’t that massive Not only this but his second channel Giorgi Danelia too had accumulated 120k subscribers and 127 million views.

He is known for being the leader of the popular Georgian Youtube ensemble GD Squad (73k subs+ 13.5M views), which features local social media personalities.

Giorgi has earned this position for being called as a leader because he strongly believes in hard work and not short cuts as he’s fully focused on his goals.

Giorgi Danelia wife Teona chachua is a beauty influencer with 138k followers as she shares everyday life events, entertaining challenges and pictures of Giorgi danelia and her daughter Keira on Instagram.

Beyond his internet and social media life he is also an experienced drone pilot and CEO of COPTER – a full video production company and a drone Retailer. It has absolutely not been possible for him to acheive such success in a short span of time. He definitely worked hard for where he is today and has never given up we wish this multitasking man a good luck for his future.


Khan sultan an influencer manager and a celebrity photographer reaching heights of success

Khan sultan was born on 22nd October 1998 in Mumbai he loved capturing things and so he got into photography. He adopted the concept Artisticskills,Technical skills,
Good communication skills,
Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines,
Patience, dedication and attention to detail

Ability to work independently and with a team He chose to move ahead with this career and has done photoshoots with celebrities and many famous influencers.

Sultan’s hobbies include Gaming and creating new things of his own innovative ideas. Also his favourite actor is salman khan as he’s inspired by his personality.

He dreams to fulfil his parents dream and wishes as they have raised sultan by all of their love and support.

His work is loved by many people and is a creator of the very famous group atrangz He also has a youtube chanel where he’s been seen hanging out with the famous influencers awez darbar and nagma mirajkar.

He also creats content which crosses millions of views and has grabbed everyone’s attention this is been possible as he has always chosen hardwork over shortcuts and is today on this stage of success. Sultan has definitely given all his time and effort inorder to acheive this position on where he is today we wish this talented men a great future ahead.


Ahmad Jordan – The Fascinating Photographer From Dallas

Photographs are the universal language of our era. Everyone has hundreds, maybe thousands in their pocket. Weightless, they turn the scale when the argument is: What happened here? Images don’t age or warp. A great photographer’s strings never go out of tune.

It is for this reason that we need photographers. They are the ones who sort all the chaos of the world into images that bring clarity to the free-for-all of life. They are the witnesses and artists who can distill the mayhem and beauty that surrounds us. They call our attention to the things we miss in our everyday lives and they call our attention to events and people at a great distance from our own patch of the universe. When they direct our eyes and hearts with precision and honesty, we know what we know differently and better. Photographers teach us to look again, look harder. Look through their eyes.

Ahmad Jordan is a weighty photographer and content maker, most popular for his inventive ideas, he’s worked with. Mo3,Rubi Rose, Ari Fletcher, Jayda Cheaves, Coi Leray , Tay Money, S3nsi Molly, Erica Banks, Lil Durk, Luv Enchanting and numerous others numerous others creating probably the most essential work of the previous few years. In 2017 Ahmad chose to leave his place of employment to turn into a full time photographer, and he is currently probably the best photographer in Dallas.

Ahmad was declared Photographer of the year Award in 2020 in Dallas. As of now, he is chipping away at a photography classes and an innovative space for others to make.

Ahmad  Jordan Speaks About His  Company

Infinite Kreationz is a collective group of photographers & videographers. It’s a total of seven of us. Elijah, Bakari, & Tony are the Owners. Tremaine, Wesley, Steve, & myself are right up under them. We all play a big role at IK Studios. I’m a photographer there that’s my expertise. I’m known for my crazy effects that I place on my images; “I may have a client jumping in the air and have them explode or I may place a title on the picture of the person, I normally put their name. I’m proud of the teamwork we have at IK, we literally push each other to our best abilities, and we get better and better each and every day. That’s what sets us apart.

You can View Images and more about ahmadj on Instagram


Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes Photographer, Videographer, Artist & Entrepreneur

Visionary, creative, and inspired are just a few words most often used to describe Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes. As a photographer, videographer, and entrepreneur, Twich has taken his vision and entrepreneurial spirit to the next level in both creativity and business.

As a creative visionary, Twich heads up TwichStudio, specializing in high energy photoshoots, still photography, and video production. He has worked with numerous high-profile artists such as Kymani Marley and Trent Shelton.

His creative and entrepreneurial spirits blend into one as the co-owner of the company FeriBoyz, specializing in selling designer fashion, beauty, and health products. Twich brings innovation, vision, and entrepreneurial acumen, growing FeriBoyz and expanding its presence in the global marketplace.

Twich also displays his artistic talents as a hip-hop artist, songwriter, and performer on the Darkside Muzik label. He has just released his first song, “Sick of This ft. Krosss.” As an artist, he draws from his background and vision of the global community to create work that inspires.

He was born in the Netherlands and raised on the island of St. Eustatius (Caribbean Netherlands), where his mother created a loving environment for the family. Twich has aspired to the highest levels of success in every aspect of his life. You can learn more about Twich on Instagram at @twich_dsm and on his website.