Planning Trip to California? Here Are EASY TIPS on How to Stay Safe in Hot Weather!

Planning Trip to California? Here Are EASY TIPS on How to Stay Safe in Hot Weather!

Have you ever traveled with friends somewhere to the beach or a hot country? Living in America, it will never be a problem to travel to California, rent a car in Alamo LGB, and continue your trip through the state straight to the beach. A minivan must be the best variant for your big company. Solo travelers can pick something smaller and cheaper. Anyway, driving your car through a beautiful country and hot shining weather can be really pleasant. But it is not funny when the temperature goes up. Are you ready for the challenges of high temperatures?

Dont Forget The Sunscreen


First of all, pay attention to how you look. Your skin, hair, eyes can suffer because of dehydration, sweating, sun glare. Extreme heat and shining weather can be really dangerous. It kills even more people in the US than you might think. Here are some tips to help you to stay safe and comfortable even when the temperature is high. Of course, a good comfortable rent a Bakersfield bus or car with an air conditioner will solve your sweating problem. But it can hardly help when you need to apply a sunscreen that you’ve forgotten at home.

That’s why try to plan your trip STEP BY STEP:

1. Plan your trip beforehand

If the weather is sunny and you believe it will be good during the trip, it doesn’t mean that you will never have problems. It’s all about planning. Hot weather can be irritating and exhausting when you driving long hours. Avoid traffic on the road. Rent a car with GPS to pick the best and the most favorable highways. Also, use special apps to book a roadside hotel to sleep and a restaurant to have dinner. High temperature is dangerous for both, pets and humans.

2. Use sun protection

Obviously, you need a pair of good sunglasses to protect your eyes and feel safe on the road. Actually, the glasses are necessary to reduce glare. It would be great to have a special sun shield on the car windows from both sides.

3. Never forget summer survival kit

What is that? This is a pack of extremely useful things you may use when you feel the heat irritates you. The kit includes plenty of water, snacks, pills, and tablets. Also, you can add a sun protective cream for your skin and a comfortable neck pillow in case you have to sleep in the car.

4. Drive carefully in the sun

You want to get to the point of destination as fast as possible. Good. Consider the fact that the sun becomes low on the horizon and reduces visibility. It is really difficult to drive! Slow down. Check the lights to warn other drivers about your speed. Finally, wear sunglasses to have a sharp eye.



Do you think it is enough to drink enough water and sleep 8 hours every night to look fresh? Of course, it is enough. Nevertheless, traveling in the hot weather you may need more care and protection.

1. Sun protection: No doubts, using sunscreens you protect your skin from the heat. Staying right in the sun for long, you increase your risk for skin cancer, drying, skin flaccidity. As a result of this, you have deep wrinkles and look older than you really are.

2. Cooling: You can find many different ways of cooling your skin even on the go. Just pack a bottle of refreshing lotion or rose water. Just apply it occasionally during the day. If you want to reach the best cooling effect you can keep the bottle of your skin lotion in the fridge a day before the trip.

3. Moisturizing: Moisturizing is very important for your skin and for your health. First of all, drink enough water. Also, buy a good moisturizer to apply it on your face and hands to avoid over-drying. You can do even better! Try to buy sunscreens with a moisturizing effect.

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4. Get enough sleep: Everyone knows you have to sleep at least 8 hours. Traveling for long distances it is better to stop at the roadside hotels or hostels to have enough sleep. Don’t be lazy and try to stop the car every 2-3 hours to relax or do physical exercises. But if the weather is hot and it is really uncomfortable to put your sweaty face on a damp pillow, you can cool it. It means you should cool your pillow! Just put it in a dry bag and keep in a fridge for some time. Take it out before you go to bed.

Having skin problems, try to visit your cosmetologist. You can take one-two important cleaning procedures before the trip to avoid many different skin problems. How about peeling? Chemical peel makes your skin look fresh and young.