Can all OTT platforms be a hit?

Can all OTT platforms be a hit?

It is a well known fact that Over the Top Content platforms are growing and online video consumption in particular is growing at a rapid rate. Many reports indicate that OTT platforms are giving the traditional satellite driven television networks a run for their money, and are also disrupting the multiplex cinema viewing culture which had dominated the country for many years

But, are all OTT platforms capable of being successful, and economically viable. It takes a combination of many factors to be a well appreciated platform because the viewers are exposed to so much on the internet that their expectation benchmarks are very high, and they are no longer willing to pay or watch any substandard quality and content on an OTT platform

One such platform that seems to be adopting a good mix is Power Sportz, Indias first Live OTT sports news channel. ‘Our channel is a product of technology, content & creativity’, said Ms Kanthi D Suresh, the founder of the channel and in an exclusive chat, recently. The channel which is still young, has reached good heights with its innovative and original content. There is no place we can copy, cut, and paste from, said Kanthi, categorically in her typical style of aggression mixed with a level of genuineness and passion.

The channel seems to be going to its next level of innovative mix of content & technology. Multiple live streaming is what the technical team is working at. Simultaneous live broadcasting on the same platform to cater to the needs of different global viewers is what channel is looking at developing. The recent program on the show, Talking Turkey with Kanthi, helmed by Ms Kanthi D Suresh, herself has indicated the channels desire to get into live match streaming. Confirmed sources have indicated that the technical team is now developing a software to capture live global streaming after successfully establishing an in-house software for domestic live streaming, which is a daily feature of the channel

If the Channel is successful in digital live global streaming of matches across the world, according to some financial analysts, Power Sportz is well on the verge of becoming a 1000 crore valued property, within a very short span of time because it would be a very unique concept and derive eyeballs from whos who of the global sports world, and sports broadcasting is big business, world over!

Seems like Kanthi D Suresh is handling too many things currently. Where does that leave Power News, the political channel that Kanthi seems to be taken a fancy to, going by the way she conducts all her shows. If you ask us, we believe Power News with Kanthi, may get more eyeballs than the live global streaming of matches!

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