Professional Sports Better Mazi VS is Testing the Waters as an Artist

Professional Sports Better Mazi VS is Testing the Waters as an Artist

From Birmingham, Alabama Mazi VS has been making a killing at casinos in Vegas over the last couple of years, betting on sports. Sports betting is becoming more and more popular and has the chance to make your average person become a millionaire in a day. That so happened to Mazi VS, but the proclaimed professional sports better is switching to music and starting to make music professionally. 

Mazi VS has always been into music since he was young. Always listening to Jay Z and 2 Pac, arguably some of the greatest hip hop/rap artists of all time. “Just hanging around rappers and being in the studio all the time,” is what Mazi VS said got him into making music. He fell in love with the rapper’s lifestyle, the grind, the beats, everything, and wanted to experience it firsthand.

The newly turned artist just released his first three tracks on SoundCloud, titled “Kind Of Ways,” “Palms,” and “100 Grand A Day,” respectively. The artist produces an old school style of rap that is nearly extinct in this age of mumble rap. Mazi VS has already struck a performance with the American hip hop and rap group Bone Thugs n Harmony. And many other big things are in store for Mazi VS, including a new album set to release later this year.

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