Music fulfills the soul in unimaginable ways. It nourishes the soul just as food provides nourishment for the body. Music has the power to sustain the listener’s soul through both low points and high points in life. No matter what the listener is going through, music has the power to raise them to a different, higher level as compared to their current circumstances. If a listener is going through a rough patch in their life, then music has the amazing quality of elevating their soul above their issues in life. Music is capable of moving the soul, of not just the solitary listener, or even a group of listeners, but the souls of masses, even entire nations. The ethereal quality of the music is well known worldwide, as it has been observed throughout history and in many different places to be a powerful force of change. Music has sustained entire nations through times of strife and overwhelming adversity. Music has even been credited for enabling a nation to achieve great success against great odds.

But music’s amazing effects don’t flow in a single direction, i.e., from the singer or the musician to the audience. The musician or singer also experiences an amazing response from the audience. Now, this response can be vernal, visual, and even spiritual. When people hear great music, they respond by appreciating verbally or through their expressions and body language. But just as listening to music, although a physical act, nourishes the soul, in the same way, the response from the listeners is not just physical in nature. The spiritual aspect of this response is vital for the musician or singers themselves. Specifically for the singer, the response from the audience can help them level up their singing and writing. Singers write and sing their songs to inspire the audience. One such singer is Rachel Tugutu. Rachel is a singer, songwriter, social advocate, student, and entrepreneur who takes the path of higher purpose; the lyrics of her songs are inspired by the stories in the Bible and the current events.

Besides being inspired to sing for the pleasure of an audience, singers are also inspired to sing from other sources. These sources of inspiration can drive the singer to write and sing to spread awareness about their particular subject to the masses. Sometimes these sources are of a divine nature, like music related to religion. Many singers write songs with lyrics that take inspiration from the Holy Scriptures. These singers are driven by the inspiration they take from the stories in the Holy Book. While some singers, in addition to singing about the Scripture, also sing about today’s events. Rachel Tugutu as a singer, is also inspired by the stories in The Bible, along with the current events taking place around the world.

Rachel Tugutu was born in Shinyanga, Tanzania, on August 31, 1998. Rachel Tugutu was fascinated by music from a very early age. In fact, she started singing at the very young age of 4. Rachel was a part of the choir at her local church from early on. This experience polished her singing skills to a great degree. Once enrolled in school, she also started singing in school as well. By the time 2012 came around, Rachel’s voice was so much liked that she was invited to give a performance at the school assembly. During that time, she was also working with the youth choir at school and the church. This was also when Rachel started writing and singing her own original songs.

With gaining more experience and tasting more success, Rachel gained enough confidence to start recording her first album. Her first album as a songwriter and singer, which was titled Msifuni Bwana, was released in the year 2013. Ever since Rachel’s first album release, she has embarked on a journey to become a professionally earning singer and songwriter. With her singing and songwriting career origins at the church, Rachel believes that she has been inspired by a higher power to deliver the divine message to the masses through her music. She believes her professional singing career should reflect her inspiration, and that is the reason her lyrics are based on the stories from the Holy Bible. While she works hard to polish her singing and songwriting skills, Rachel believes God blesses her career. Rachel believes in striking a balance between her spiritual inspirations and career success. Rachel believes in singing with a higher purpose.