Rajat Singla: A prolific social media influencer & the face behind the growing popularity of celebs

Rajat Singla: A prolific social media influencer & the face behind the growing popularity of celebs

The more we speak of the various digital marketing strategies, the more we feel it interesting; such is the subject so vast yet so useful that the right use of it can literally change a person’s life. There are many people in the industry of digital & social media marketing with their creative minds & talents who can mould or improve the reputation of a brand, company or person. Amongst the several forces in the industry, one such talented mind is Rajat Singla.

Born on January 8, 1991, in the bylanes of Patiala, Punjab little did Rajat know that he would wear the hat of an entrepreneur & would dive into doing many businesses. Rajat, a tall 6 feet man started his career in 2005 while he was still in his teens & worked for a website named VIP Punjab. Here, this young guy began working for them to make their websites, design them & took care of the other related work. Later, when Rajat realised that there are many things that he could do to advance in his career, he jumped into the work of import & export of PVC wall panels with his company named “Wall Decor”. This company imports products from China & at wholesale sells it through India. After getting into this, gradually he curated three businesses of his. He even worked as a model for a magazine in 2012.

Rajat with one of his businesses stepped into the online world & started working for the media promotion of several celebrities, models, television artists, makeup artists, astrologers, & many others with his company called “Shiraj Media”. His company today is an example of a growing social media marketing firm that with its earnest efforts & hard work is working day & night to manage celebrity accounts to grow their online presence in the virtual space.

The kind of services that Shiraj Media Works provides to their clients includes digital marketing, PR work, social media marketing & management, increasing the reputation of their clients on the digital space, celebrity & brand marketing & many other related works that help them to expand their popularity in multi-folds & increase their follower base. Generating more & more leads for brands & celebrities, helping them grow & converting them into a more famous personality is a child’s play for Rajat.

The budding social media influencers & managers can take lessons from Rajat & his work to know how with rigorous efforts yet with so much attention to detail, this young businessman has turned the lives of many with a 360-degree curve, helping them to be at the top of the search results with the help of exceptional PR skills & marketing strategies.