Randeep hooda’s Semi nude Photoshoot with Munna S

Randeep hooda’s Semi nude Photoshoot with Munna S

Randeep Hooda, the hotshot actor in Bollywood who has been impressing the Indian audience with his phenomenal acting and also his charming looks in every role that he plays.

Munna S has uploaded a photograph of him posing with Randeep Hooda on his official Instagram account. The two men can be seen in the photo wearing matching black tee shirts. The photo is considered to be taken while the two men work on their photoshoot. Randeep can also be seen talking about Munna S in an interview post the shoot. When asked about who is behind the concept of the shoot, Randeep Hooda has Responded

Randeep mentioned how the creative and new concept for the shoot was from Munna S the photographer. The two had been working on a shoot for the monthly Bollywood magazine Stardust. This isn’t the first time they are working together. The two have been working together for a long time now. Munna S is behind many of the great photographs we see Randeep in. The grungy style of Munna S works perfectly with the sturdy stunning looks of Randeep.

Randeep and Munna S Photography have worked together on many artistic themed photoshoots which include Randeep being photographed in his dazzling black suite on a boat. Munna S has captured photographs for Randeep in both interior and exterior photoshoots where Randeep shows off his magnetic personality presenting the outfits.

Recently, Munna S Photography has done Shoot with Actor/Model Zulfi Syed at White Palace, Dhamdachha