Sabeer Singh – Manifesting My Goals

Sabeer Singh – Manifesting My Goals

Pre Med Student

Everysince a young boy I have always been a very caring person. I’ve always wanted to be a caretaker, or a job that involves helping others. I chose to study medicine because this is a career that will always have a need for people, and there are many different choices in the field. As for myself, I personally am not a person that would like to do an invasive job. I am currently studying and am looking to get into a good field that is non-invasive.

Army Life

I am currently serving a contract with the US National Guard. I signed up to serve my country and learn proper discipline. I also joined because it is a great was to make business contacts from all fields, and it helps with tuition as well. I am currently working as a signals and communications specialist.


As a person that believes there should be peace, and happiness to all, I want to help others by donating and providing for those in need. I have donated in the past with my family, friends, school, and church. In the upcoming years I want to continue providing as much as I can, and I may even start a charity service of my own.

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