Rising California Hip-Hop Artist Jayoolian Is Finding His Feet in the Industry

Rising California Hip-Hop Artist Jayoolian Is Finding His Feet in the Industry

Coming into the California music scene is rising hip-hop artist Jayoolian, who has started making a real wave in the West Coast music community in the last year. As Jayoolian is starting to find himself musically, others are taking notice, as he has partnered with a management company and is getting performance opportunities at a variety of venues.

Jayoolian got his start in music after coming to a crossroads in his life. Unsure of what path in life to take, Jayoolian found himself feeling lost under the weight of his decision. To take his mind off of life’s many challenges, Jayoolian found himself searching for something new to keep him busy. That something new would end up being music.

Jayoolian would eventually purchase Logic X Pro and begin making beats. After showing some progression, Jayoolian invited a coworker to freestyle over beats with him. Consistent practice making beats and freestyling eventually led to a new music-oriented lifestyle for Jayoolian, and he would eventually release his first track “No Friends”.

Now, Jayoolian is making significant progress in his career, working with management, continuing to write music, playing live shows, and planning future projects. Jayoolian tells us that he has many tracks tucked away, ready to release, so fans of his can be expecting good things from the young hip-hop talent in the future.

You can find Jayoolian on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/jayoolian/

You can listen to Jayoolian’s music here: