Royal Heir Entertainment – Where Musicians Go To Become Legends

Royal Heir Entertainment – Where Musicians Go To Become Legends

Are you a new musician who wants to make his/her/their mark on the American music scene? If yes, head over to Royal Heir Entertainment. A leading international Music Marketing company with over 13 years’ experience, Royal Heir Entertainment helps musicians across genres reach the stars.

 Empowering you to reach the spotlight

The journey to the spotlight isn’t all glitz and glamour. The team at Royal Heir Entertainment knows this only too well. Their CEO is none other than Brian “Essince” Collins – a former artist turned music marketer, whom URB Magazine called the “poster hip-hopper for the American dream“. With a heritage as fancy as this, you are bound to get Grade A international Music Marketing representation and promotional support.

Royal Heir Entertainment offers a variety of promotional services, allowing new-to-the-scene musicians to gain the visibility they need to shine. From a la carte services to comprehensive start-to-finish marketing campaigns, the company provides extensive marketing support and coverage.

Championing BIPOC & Urban Musicians

Royal Heir Entertainment is a new-age music marketing company that believes in equal representation within the American music industry. Essince, who hails from Latin America himself, provides indigenous and BIPOC musicians the stage they need to share their unique tunes and lyrics with the world.

Additionally, with the company’s legacy stemming from hip hop, artists in the Urban genre, in particular, can expect additional marketing services. Essince’s own experience as a musician informs the company’s creative vision. He ensures his clients always receive the most targeted marketing campaigns and have access to a team of highly talented graphic designers, advertisers, PR agents & social media marketers at all times.

From helping his clients gain visibility in top publications of the day to creating avenues where they can gain airtime, Royal Heir Entertainment can help musicians climb the stepping stone to the spotlight.

Supporting budding athletes everywhere

Royal Heir Entertainment has a subdivision called Royal Heir Sports, which is dedicated exclusively to providing marketing services to athletes who need promotion and deal representation.

As the owner of the Akron Aviators professional basketball team, Essince has for long been vested in the success of young athletes from across the country. Royal Heir Sports works with both minor and major league athletes, helping them find brand endorsements, get social media visibility, and offering brand-building services.

As with musicians, Essince and his team at Royal Heir Entertainment work hard to launch promising talent towards victory.