Upcoming Entrepreneur Lewe Promet is currently making an outstanding income compared to not only the average teenager, but the average German worker.

The 17 year old German states

“I started an agency over the internet 6 months ago. I had nothing but plans and my phone, I got into it by a friend that introduced me to it.

Now im selling growth all over the World with clients that have got over 1million followers on instagram, My customers are mostly people who have their own agency, models, dropshippers etc.”

As we know Promet chooses to generate this money from the famous social media platform Instagram & Telegram where he’s managed to build up a network.

The 17 year old who started from young earns alot considering being so young through just passive income alone every day. There are lots and lots of teenagers out there trying to make it in the online game Lewe Promet has been in the game for a very long time.
Therefore, he’s also very experienced with social media as he’s been doing it for an extensive period of time.

While he’s aspiring to become an Entrepreneur Promet is a name that we’ll all be hearing soon in every News Outlet.

This 17 year old entrepreneur has surprised his peers with the complex amount of work that he can do. He earns a lot more than the average adult’s salary by only using his phone.

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