The Changing Face of Online Retail – PatPat Serves as a Perfect Example

The Changing Face of Online Retail – PatPat Serves as a Perfect Example

From soft robotics to driverless cars, and from cloud computing to eCommerce, the world is under the powerful influence of technological advancements. People around the world enjoy an enhanced form of comfort and convenience in this tech-driven era. By far, digitalization is the greatest outcome of technology as it has paved the way for eCommerce. Brick-and-mortar stores are aggressively working towards the shift over into the digital world. While most retailers are busy completing their digitalization, there is one store that laid its basic structure in the digital world. PatPat, a California-based online retailer, specializing in the children’s wear, entered the market with its app. It was founded by Albert Wang and Ken Gao in the year 2014.

By carefully observing how this company is rising to the top through its unique M2C approach has led to a prediction that it will reach USD321.6 billion by the year 2024. M2C is an acronym for Manufacturer-to-Consumer. It is a rapidly growing online retail concept that eliminates the wholesaler or the middleman that was required by a manufacturer to bring its products to its consumers. PatPat is a manufacturer specializing in matching outfits, maternity and child’s wear and accessories. The company sells more than 1000 self-designed clothes to its target consumers directly. It allows them to offer reasonably priced products to their customers.

Raising the Standard of Online Shopping Experience

The digital retail world is highly competitive. Digital retail business owners are striving to provide their consumers with the best shopping experience. PatPat takes the lead in the competition by making use of social networking and big data technologies that help provide a pleasing online shopping experience to its customers. The company partnered with Adyen, a payment solution, to enhance the overall experience. The integration of Adyen’s 3D Secure 2.0 it was able to eliminate payment friction by increasing overall payment authorization rates to 90%.

Helping Parents Save Money Smartly

The arrival of the first baby is the start of a new phase in a couple’s life. They have to shop for maternity clothes, baby products, and necessary items for the nursing period. It is a necessary expenditure which couples cannot avoid. PatPat offers a wide range of baby, maternity, matching outfits and nursing products to couples living in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at an affordable rate. It is all because of its M2C approach where they sell their products directly to their customers. The range of products the company offers to include baby and maternity apparel, nursing products, diapers, kid-friendly fashion accessories, and home goods. Another major category that mothers can find on PatPat’s site is matching outfits. The company offers an extensive range of matching clothes for mothers and their babies to help them enjoy their time together.

PatPat by Albert, CEO, and Ken, COO, is an example for all manufacturers that even they can provide their customers with reasonable rates at a much lower price than they are selling at present. With an M2C approach, manufacturers do not have to worry about expenses such as distributor cost, importing expenses, brand cost, or any other costs that considerably raise the price of their products. The eCommerce world is evolving, and PatPat is at the front line of the competition in the fast-growing children’s wear market.