Social media star Karen Yurani Lopez is passionate about a fit and healthy lifestyle

Social media star Karen Yurani Lopez is passionate about a fit and healthy lifestyle

Years may come and go, but the primacy and privileges of having a fit and healthy life remain unchanged. Karen Yurani Lopez Guerrero, the preeminent fashion model and Instagram influencer, is one such person whose robust lifestyle and well-defined body have inspired a massive number of people. This Columbian Barbie has coaxed nearly the entire population, such is her beauty.

Karen Yurani Lopez is well-known for her body cuts and curves. Her spick and span hourglass physique precisely epitomizes her healthy and fit lifestyle. We have further found out that she gives her dedicated time to her gym and workout sessions. Without exercise, building and maintaining a streamlined physique is merely arduous.

“I love admiring myself, and thus my central focus was always directed towards having a perfect figure. To achieve this, I have been bending over backward from time to time. Chasing fitness and eating a healthful diet was, is and will be my priority, ” said the social media star, Karen Yurani Lopez. She not only lives a healthy and robust life but also promotes the same to her followers.

Karen Yurani Lopez has invariably heeded the call to eat more nutritious food and drink plenty of water. Her flawless and shiny skin reflects her inner vitality. Karen Mucci or Karen Yurani Lopez is just 18 years old and has already comprehended the maximum of the fitness and fashion worlds. Her sensuality has played a leading role in making her of great repute.

Seeing her personality, curves, beauty, etc., Karen Yurani Lopez earned a chance to work with the online clothing brand, Dolls Kill. She is also a cat lover and video gamer. We know bigger things are on their way for Karen, and we wish her the best.