Today MR. Leonar Mardirosian  is here to explore the effect of anxiety on reading

Today MR. Leonar Mardirosian is here to explore the effect of anxiety on reading



Emotional or nervous disorder can be really crippling. And make the performance sound difficult for a professional user moment by moment and boring for the listener. Adds. And it allows you to maintain the quality of your performance under any circumstances.


But ignorance of these things can lower your level of performance skills. And impose nightmarish experiences on you; However, you can solve this problem with our help. The solution to this issue is definitely not possible in a short time.


But because it neutralizes the stress and anger of the performance, it is very reliable, extremely powerful and has a high durability. So come and invest. The issue of controlling nerves and emotions does not apply only in the art world. But in the world of sports and even modern business, it is very valuable to be able to dominate yourself. You can handle the situation.


Symptoms of vocal stress

Some behaviors can be signs of vocal stress. For example, “chin lift” means stiffness in the chin and its upward movement and “elbow-arm pump” means elbow movement along with stiffness upwards can be symptoms of vocal stress and lack of supportive behavior in producing effective and healthy sound flow. To be. If you notice that you are moving your chin forward or backward during exercise, you are in fact exerting a kind of tension on the jaw and submandibular muscles, which restricts your oral space and disrupts the function of your tongue when It is sung.


The effect of stress and anxiety on laryngeal muscle tension

Your laryngeal muscles respond to stress with “cramps and contractions.”

Fear of the scene causes your vocal muscles to react, the result of poor performance, and your larynx to become vulnerable.

Stress affects the function of the heart, affects blood pressure and affects other organs of the body, causing changes such as fever, sweating palms, laryngeal muscle tension and so on.

The latest research on the effect of stress on the voice shows that laryngeal muscle tension is the last effect of stress that comes out of your body!


How can I neutralize?

Improve your voice skills.

Incorporate the acquired skills into your practice without interruption.

Update your skills and seek new skills in this area.

The techniques discussed here have considerable potential for use in a variety of situations.


What made me nervous?

What is the meaning of declaring war by the mind?

Many people struggle for years to achieve an ideal position, sports or artistic career. But it is precisely at the time of exploitation that they are so attacked by negative mental thoughts that they cannot reap the rewards of their efforts.


Think of a student who answers questions back and forth after hours of studying in an exam session. So if we have a high level of performance skills, we can automatically combine those skills and use them. Just like reading a book or even driving.


So how can one make a mistake in execution? I know the notes, so why did I leave the device? I breathed well, so why did my breath run out at the beginning? Why is my throat dry? Why? Why? Why?


In short, the problem is simple, our mind consciously (which must focus on, awareness of skills) begins to test whether the skills are right or wrong; Until it makes you doubt what the audience thinks now. Am I wrong? Did I read wrong? What happens if I read wrong? Should I be ridiculed? The mind becomes involved in things that are not going to happen at all.


If your mind fails to do the basic skill required by engaging in these questions, your chances of making a mistake are closer to reality. Be only concerned with presenting what he is skilled at; The other recognizes itself as a potential winner of that run, not an actual loser.


Effectively, we encourage our brain to do the wrong thing by using the wrong system we cultivate in the subconscious mind. Your actions affect your subconscious

How do I stop this system?

Get to know your mind and get to know your thoughts.

It is very important that everyone has information about how their body system works in any field. I encourage everyone who goes to the Iranian Center of Vocology to be curious about their own mentality and mental abilities. This means gaining study skills in various fields. Philosophy, psychology and various scientific approaches can be useful and appropriate. Use it to succeed.



Write down the experiences of past performances and analyze them after each performance.

“I’m not under good pressure, I always run away from hard times.”


This is a direct quote from someone I was training. In his first performance after recovering from his laryngeal polyp, he was able to perform a stunning performance. But as the session progressed, the quality of his performance declined, even though he had no problems with it. He has lost his breath, and has lost the other ideal vision of his abilities.


We have to take ourselves out of our previous achievements, in both good and bad performances, if we want to create more of those good performances in the future; We must be diligent in acquiring new skills every moment. This method helps us to be aware of the changes at every moment and to tell ourselves that I am in control of the new scientific and practical changes in the world around me.


When we evaluate our skills that are being implemented or developed, we take a critical approach, so we can not expect our mind to approve and encourage us. Never in the time of learning and performing Do not try the scene.

Learn to love and encourage yourself.

Your palms are sweating, your throat is dry, you have an increased heart rate, adrenaline, stomach pain, and when you get nervous and want to get into a street fight, the symptoms mentioned will appear in you.


Interestingly, many singers also carry the above signs when performing!


So, are you really just excited about the performance? A special method is used to interpret these signals, which is done automatically, and we never discuss it, but if you want to change, you must have this article in your hand and come to the Iranian Center for Ecology.


Knowing how a rhetoric happens is an immediate help, but it is not the solution. In the meantime, we can assign the right tasks to the right system, the right system requires the right skills in different areas.


Certainly, if we do not take effective steps to win, we should also expect defeat. This creates clarity and confidence for the reader, regardless of external forces, to pay attention to his performance and gain skills. The proper action of the reader depends on him.


take it easy.


When we are on a valid plane, the feeling is so powerful that we can enjoy the trip and just plan our trip or if we are in a hostage situation we no longer think about dinner. It is a human response that helps us avert the real threats to our lives and survive. Singing in the lowest quality is not a threat to you and you are enjoying the listeners, especially those you love, so there is no sense of failure, otherwise the prospect of pleasure loses its face and a landscape full of stress and haste You replace fear with panic to keep your functional energy to a minimum.