Social media through the eyes of professionals

Social media through the eyes of professionals

Anna Kokhanets @annakokhanets is the co-founder of a digital marketing agency “Dmc center”. Anna specializes in online reputation and content marketing is currently working on a book about digital branding.

Isn’t it great to have awesome social media accounts with great visuals, killer content and videos covering hot and trendy topics? Isn’t it a dream for any business to have your potential clients see you every day? They may even like you enough to recommend you to someone before becoming your clients themselves.

This is what it’s all about. Transparency. Honesty. Genuine connection.

This requires a real team effort though.

Marketers will create the target audience profile and devise the strategy. Strategy plays a huge role in how successfully you can market your business as it gives you an understanding of who your customers are, what makes them tick, where they spend their time and how to reach them.

Copywriters will write a media plan and articles based on your unique business cases and area of expertise.

Photographers will take care of the visual message you’re sending. That’s right. Photos should send a message. If I say “I’m Anna. I’m a photographer” – the audience will expect to see a woman with a camera and a tripod. Likewise, if, let’s say, you’re a lawyer, you have to be dressed accordingly for professional photoshoots (a suit and tie is the way to go). However, it’s a good idea to mix up “professional photos” with more light-hearted lifestyle content.

Designers will add the “special sauce” to your photos making them appealing to the clients’ eyes.

Stories makers will create great stories using audience engagement tools and help you gain leads and increase sales
targeting specialists will set up ads on specific stories and posts and bring you more profit along with more clients

I will soon be releasing a book where I will be giving a detailed walkthrough on how to succeed in the modern-day online space. As a co-founder of the first content management system in Ukraine and an SEO specialist with over 10 years of experience, I leveraged all of my expertise as a marketer and business owner to create a book that will be useful to all business owners, from aspiring to experienced.

Want to learn more about what makes clients buy (or reject) your products and services?

As the owner of the DMC center, I can guarantee top-level service from the DMC center leading experts.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to grow your brand, you can visit the company website