Sony To Make Emotion Sensing Robots?

Sony To Make Emotion Sensing Robots?

Sony is a company which always manages to give us the best technology. They are more than the parent company of PlayStation, Sony have a rich and diverse history of putting out premium products from earphones to televisions. While all of us desperately wait for the PlayStation 5, there might be something else we should be looking forward to as well. This news was first reported on Studio 35.

Sony might be working on cute little robots that keep you company while you game. You heard that right. The gaming buddy will sit beside you on your couch and be your closest friend. That’s according to a newly published patent which was spotted by IGN and is available to view at the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). We shouldn’t deduce anything just from the sketches though as it is just a guide for the final product.

The robot will be able to sense your emotions and react accordingly. It might be something that cheers you on whenever you reach a new level. Having someone with you whilst you play your favorite game is way better than a solo session as your companion can help you release your frustration. We just can’t wait for this invention to come to life!

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