Sound making and examining the process of producing a good voice from the perspective of Sasan Keneshlou, a famous Iranian singer and musician

Sasan always introduces itself as follows:

I am sasan keneshlou, born on 1990/05/24 in Tehran, I became interested in music from a young age and I considered myself one of the best from those days, I always sang on the songs of Abi and other great musicians, my origin is from province Tehran.

In the following, we will fully examine a part of Sasan Keneshlou words regarding sound making and the process of producing a good sound.

From time immemorial, it has been common among many people that beautiful voice is inherited and is dot.
But now sound science has proven that good sound can be acquired

This means that by knowing the anatomy of the cell and the correct practice, you can achieve quality sound and most importantly

With sound science, you can use the vocal cords in a principled way so that you do not get injured.
Sound is not limited to a particular style!
It doesn’t matter if you are a traditional singer or a pop singer, you may even be a performer or a speaker.

You will learn how to use your vocal organs properly to get the best output.

When you learn the structure of the larynx and the correct breathing patterns, you can walk to produce the right sound with better vision.

Nutrition is very important for having a healthy voice.

One of the destructive factors in the sound is gastric reflux, which we talked about in a full article.
In general, we mention some effective cases, but it is recommended
Any kind of smoke that passes through the vocal cords
It causes inflammation in the larynx, which in addition to causing disorders in the respiratory system.

An athlete when he starts his training professionally.

He will perform better day by day than in the past, and the further he goes, the more he realizes that he needs to gain more experience.

He must always exercise so that his body is ready so that he does not fall.

In fact, the process is the same in sound engineering, maybe after 2 years you will achieve good results
But you should keep in mind that if you leave the exercise, your voice will not be ready and will fall.
In this regard, having a good sound instructor can help you to be always ready in this direction.