• Music
  • November 24, 2021

It is not for everyone to become a successful rapper. It necessitates a great deal of hard work, devotion, excitement, and, above important, a diverse range of skills, including original music and content production, extensive networking, financing, marketing, and so on. YBCRetro is another one of the top rappers who has acquired a lot of recognition and attention over the last few years for his diverse abilities.

YBCRetro Performs a Variety of Music Hits

YBCRetro has been responsible for a number of hip-hop music successes. To the Top, Tennis Chains, So Lit, Gimme Some Space, Change on Us, Minute Man, and many others are among them. All of these tracks are available on a variety of reputable music outlets, including YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, and others.

Music Enthusiasm and Dedication

Many new musicians are unaware that rapping takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise. As a result, despite the profession’s simplicity, they are unable to achieve superstar status. YBC Retro, on the other hand, understands what it takes to be a successful rapper. He goes to the studio, records a song, and then shares it on social media many times a day. He understands that becoming an inspiring rapper is a business in which you must put your blood, sweat, and expertise to become a successful artist.


Creating material that is emotionally related to the viewer is always a priority at YBC Retro. Before rushing to write a song, he is always clear about what he wants to achieve. By emotional connection, he always meant that the music should make the listeners feel excited, confident, love, and happy. Before transmitting his song, the great artist considers his target audience. He shares the great news with his regular admirers who follow him on Instagram and YouTube to obtain updates on their favorite off and on whenever the new song is broadcasted.

Constructive Criticism is warmly welcomed

YBCRetro is well aware that his music will not appeal to everyone and of all ages; this is not because they are untalented, but rather because everyone has different musical tastes. As a result, he doesn’t mind if some hateful remarks are directed at him or if his detractors create issues around him because he understands his skill and beliefs. He is self-assured in his character and disposition, both of which are characterized by honesty.

He, on the other hand, is a firm believer in constructive criticism. He is always willing to be chastised for his errors or the quality of his songs. As a result, even though he is a superstar now, he never stops developing himself and his music. This is why, whenever his fans make suggestions for his songs, he always encourages and praises them. His followers adore him for this characteristic, and his favorable fan base is growing by the day. He often takes selfies with his followers in busy places, which has won many hearts.

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