Surekha Wankhede is one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc

Sometimes we just start anything to overcome something and little did we know that it will turn out to be something so important to us. Same happened with Surekha Wankhede who started writing to overcome depression and know her achivements in this field led her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

Surekha lives in the family of 4 where she’s the youngest one but she’s highly supported by each and everyone in hes family. Surekha started writing when she was in 12th standard. Surekha also faced the common problem that many students face but she went through a little more i.e. depression because of her studies. It was then, when she started writing her emotions and thoughts behind notebooks and from there that she started gaining interest in this field.

Today, Surekha is a decorated writer, holding many awards on her name. She’s also preparing her solo book which will come out very soon in the market.

Surekha just kept herself positive this whole time when the world is filled with negative vibes. She always plans big i.e she always keeps in mind what best and worst can come in any situation and this is one thing which helps her keep mind out of any distraction, focused toward her work all the time. Surekha wishes to work for India in future, serving her country in all the way possible.

Surekha wishes to be an IAS officer in future. She has faced a lot in her Life but she came up back twice as hard and that never give up attitude made her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

We might see Surekha Wankhede as an growing artist in future.