5 Facts About Mikhail Antonov (Founder – Citatrade) You Probably Didn’t Know

Mikhail Antonov, popularly known by his cool moniker MAV, is the CEO of Citatrade, the world’s largest crypto Staking platform. Citatrade grew from an idea to the biggest market for crypto trading and staking in just a few months. Mikhail, turned into a crypto billionaire pretty quickly, becoming a sensation in the world of blockchain.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about him.

Mikhail Rose to Fame in Less than 1 year

Citatrade was founded in February 2017 to service Asset Management firms and hedge funds, and it was launched globally to online clients in the beginning of 2020 It became the biggest crypto staking market in the world in a little under 6 months. Its fund raising led by some of the largest venture capitalist firms in the world raised over $25 Million USd in January this year.

He Worked on Another Trading System before Founding Citatrade

In 2005, Mikhail was in The United States, where he Joined the team that developed Metatrader. It was a trading platform for brokers. He started his crypto journey in 2013 with

The Maserati Giveaway

He seems to love rather unusual marketing tactics. Citatrade has offered several promotions. One of them had a Maserati as a giveaway! While Mikhail himself isn’t a car Fanatic, his company’s promotional methods have generated a lot of attention. Although we’ll have to give it to his marketing chief who came up with this idea.

He Worked at McDonald’s

Mikhail was born in St petersburg, a province in Russia. His parents moved to Canada soon after he was born. As a young man, he started working to help with the household expenses. In the 1980’s, he joined McDonald’s and flipped burgers to help his family.

Later, he went to McGill University and studied Computer Science. He was also passionate about stock markets and trading, which made him choose this career.

He’s Minting Money Now

Worked at gas stations and McDonald’s, and he’s here now. His company, , is expected to rake in about $300 Million in profits in 2020 alone. Even with the Current Economic situation, Citatrade has recorded massive investment from all around the world

With such unprecedented success, Mikhail has become a crypto star, and rightly so. His company, Citatrade can easily handle millions of dollars in transactions each Day.


The Ultimate Guide to earning profits with Citatrade Crypto wallet

What is Citatrade Wallet and how does it work

Citatrade wallet lets you easily grow your wealth by accruing interest on your funds. Essentially, you’re lending your assets to Arbitrage trading software on the platform, and they pay interest to you in return for borrowing your funds. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including CITEX TRADING POOL and the selfish Mining pool or S-Mining Pool. 

Citatrade works with a capital sharing formula basis, meaning that that those with larger funds subscribed to a product gets to earn bigger interest. The interest is distributed every day for Flexible Deposits.

Using Citatrade is very easy; it won’t take you more than a few clicks!

1        Log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, register and create one in minutes using this link

2        Scroll on to the left side bar in your dashboard and click on Deposit

Complete a bitcoin deposit by sending bitcoin from your wallet to the deposit address or by making a Debit card deposit (dependent on country)

3        Click Invest in CITEX , Select the Trading product you’d like to subscribe your deposit to, and click on invest now. You’re done!

4        You can view your active Stakes and Investments in the Active investments section on the side bar

5        Make withdrawals to your bitcoin wallet or local bank account , put in your bank account name and number when withdrawing or your bitcoin wallet address, and your money will be in your account in 24 hours or less.

6        With your investments active you earn up to 25% a month interest on your wallet, you can try Citatrade Arbitrage wallet at