Michele Zanello the name among the trends of the music business, is releasing “Rehearsal 2 “

This year among the trending names in the music business we find MICHELE ZANELLO for many Michele is nicknamed “Mich” but why is he so sought after?

Michele Zanello born in Latisana (UD) on February 26, 1995: he is currently recognized in the music sector not only as a digital entrepreneur and artistic director but also as a musical artist, in fact this year he has surprisingly released house \ tech house songs on all digital portals taking a step forward from the backstage where he is used to working to the main stage, could it be his return to the stage?

Mich started in 2015 managing events and social channels of both emerging and structured music artists, has collaborated with various music mediation agencies and still works abroad. Michele also opened his own marketing and social promotion agency “MIDNIGHT MILANO” with which he collaborated with some of the biggest influencers in Italy and abroad.

This allowed him to open his network of contacts and better disclose not only his entrepreneurial side but also the artistic one. In fact this year he released some music under his name for the first time without a pseudonym.

Here are some tracks he released

such as: Rehearsa 1 and Rehearsal 2 Dust 1, Dust 2 and the super Album: “NOT ORDINARY CANVAS” with tracks such as: BLUE Moon, GRAY Goose, YELLOW Pillow, VIOLET Sky, RED Dream, PURPLE Water.
Currently on his social networks he has many fans just see on instagram which has over 50,000 followers  and also his Facebook profile .


Michele Zanello and his not ordinary canvas

Do you like the world of House and Pop? Michele Zanello Born in 1995, was born in Latisana (UD) on February 26th and is currently top in the ranking of this genre.
Michele has released a new album, entitled “Not Ordinary Canvas”, through the AR.MS Empire label and given this latest pandemic period he decided to cheer up the situation with colorful songs and colorful names in their titles, just see singles like:
BLUE Moon, GRAY Goose, YELLOW Pillow, VIOLET Sky, RED Dream, PURPLE Water.

Colors like music can influence, did you know?

Music is present in every part of our life. Our spiritual rituals are framed by songs, children learn the alphabet through singing, and the shopping malls and cafes we visit during our free time are rarely silent.
Michele in 2009 plays in various musical projects, in 2015 he embarks on a career as a music consultant and artist manager following a roster of both emerging and structured artists, for this reason he can be defined as an expert both professionally and artistically.
Zanello knows how much he can influence, in fact with his songs he tries to cheer up and have a positive impact on us, research suggests that music can influence us a lot.
It can impact illness, depression, spending, productivity, and our perception of the world.

Today it is known nationwide thanks to the digital strategic campaign curated by the KS Digital Force agency and its music released under the label: AR.MS Empire as: Dust 1, Dust 2 and the super Album: “NOT ORDINARY CANVAS” with songs like: “You Call Me”, BLUE Moon, GRAY Goose, YELLOW Pillow, VIOLET Sky, RED Dream, PURPLE Water.
Currently on the social profiles he has many fans just see on his instagram profile which has over 40,000 followers and also his Facebook profile which is a reference point for many fellow artists in his sector.

Every day there are more and more artists who try their hand in this sector and only a few like Michele Zanello are able to reach important numbers and goals like these.


Michele Zanello gives 5 tips to empower your instagram security

Michele ( @michelezanello_ ) is a social media strategist & brand creator with more than 5 years experience. In 2020 he was on the top 50  marketwatch media strategist ranking

He’s the founder of Midnight Milano (

a digital agency specialized on marketing strategy , brand creation and social security. 

Today we interviewed him and he gave us 5 important suggestions

1. Do not add the phone number to your profile

When you create your profile there are some fields, towards the end of the process, that Instagram defines as “personal information.” When it comes to this type of information, it is good practice to always be cautious. According to Instagram’s privacy policy, even if a phone number is private, it can be used by the service to increase “visibility” on the network, so anyone with a user’s phone number can use it to find their personal Instagram account. this person in case this item has been filled in the profile. Better to avoid or add a company exclusive number

2 Two-factor authentication

Another very important suggestion is that relating to the activation of two-factor authentication, an additional level of security which protects potentially harmful access to your account.

By activating this function, when you try to log in from an unrecognized device, Instagram will ask you to enter a security code which will have been sent to you by SMS to the mobile number you have provided. Alternatively, you will be asked to connect a supported authentication app, such as Google Authenticator (Android / iOS).

3 Change your damn password !

Try to change your password every 15 days , and dont put your name or your dog name on it!

4. Beware of suspicious links

Always look for the best place to buy real Instagram likes. No matter how fascinating the boosting advertisement is, you should never click on a link that smells like spam or give you fake likes and followers. 

Instagram will never ever ask you for you personal information, credit card or sensible data

So never fill out any form with your personal information,until you’re not 100% sure

5 Pay attetion to bots or third part app

Many third-part applications connect to Instagram, some of which can endanger privacy and take possession of personal data. To revoke access, connect to Instagram from a PC and go to Settings> Authorized apps and remove access.

If you follow all these tips you will sleep soundly.

Michele Zanello

Founder: Midnight Milano