Lady Charlotte Armstrong and the Making of Too Glam HQ

When her TOO GLAM HQ product line releases, Lady Charlotte Armstrong will become the first entrepreneur to incorporate patented biodegradable diamond dust into a lifestyle product. In one of her podcast episodes, the ‘mompreneur’ discusses in detail what made her put together her favourite elements of Glam and Bling to make one disruptive product.

What is ‘Glam’?

When Charlotte has her glam on, she is confident. Nothing can lower her spirits. Not the five kids, not the two dogs. When Charlotte has her glam on, she is ready to face the world and tame it. Would it not be nice, she once thought, if everyone felt positive about themselves every day, like her?

It is this desire to share her joys that made Lady Charlotte start Too Glam.

The second component- Bling

There is nothing like too much Bling. Products containing ‘bling’ or items associated with luxury make people who own them feel glamourous. Bling is the enabler of Glam.

Then Charlotte went out on her little bling investigation. The results were stunning.

She was the first to discover that patented biodegradable diamond dust can be incorporated into shampoos and other self-care products.

In the following two years, she had the shampoo formula tested, and acquired signature fragrance rights to their upcoming scent “Obsidian’.

Glam on the Go

Too Glam HQ promises to deliver its lifestyle amenities to buyers for a monthly subscription. Customers get their glam without having to think about it. All the products contain biodegradable diamond dust and Too Glam’s unique patented fragrance. The ‘Glam pack’ consists of conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and shampoo. New products will be added to the hamper every month. Charlotte hints that such surprise additions may include fragrances to fashion accessories.

Motherhood vs Glam time- How does one Manage?

Mothers may often get limited glam time. Raising multiple kids can often make mothers too busy to take care of themselves. Keeping this in mind, Too Glam products are made with high quality, non-toxic ingredients. Parents can let their younger members of the family access Too Glam products without fearing adverse consequences.

Marrying Glam with Environmental Ethics

Being a mother, Charlotte acknowledges that parents must bequeath to their children a liveable planet. The use and overuse of toxic material like plastic may seem convenient at present but will have long term consequences that our children will have to bear long after we are gone. Charlotte maintains quality and ethical production standards

The Influencer Onslaught

Lady Charlotte stays in touch with the present generation through her oldest daughter, who is 17 as of 2021. What she has learnt from her is that the youth of today do not model themselves after mainstream fashion and cinema icons.  Rather, they take their cultural cues from social media influencers of Instagram, YouTube et al. To keep up with this shift, Too Glam maintains an active Instagram and internet presence.

Release Date

Too Glam HQ is set to drop its line of lifestyle products during 2021/22. For now, eager customers can keep up with recent developments through the Too Glam HQ app, available on Google Play and Apple App Store.


Learn See How Stephanie Caballero-Martin Is Making A Name Through Her Reputable Online Health Store

In an industry where there is constant competition, entrepreneurs need to have a standout brand to gain an edge in today’s market. The secret to success is for the brand to be peculiar enough to meet specific needs and offer valuable services to the people. 

Over the years, Stephanie Caballero-Martin has been keen on solving period pains and menstrual cramps that women face daily. The mompreneur runs a brand that is dedicated to this cause. Tranquil Store’s brand is a health store that provides products to help ease symptoms such as cramps, back pain, and headaches.

Initiating Unique Ideas

Stephanie began her entrepreneurial journey by venturing into the idea of helping women live better lives. Due to biological factors, all women will experience menstrual pain at some point in their respective lives. Based on her experience as well, Stephanie endured the pains of menstrual cramps. She decided to come up with an initiative to help women manage these situations better.

I’ve suffered from severe menstrual cramps, and I was told that after having children, it would be easier to manage. But this was certainly not the case for me after having my son. My symptoms became more unbearable. This led me to research, and I discovered effective means of easing these symptoms. This was the starting point of Tranquil. I wanted to ensure women accounted for and taken into consideration,” Stephanie shares.

Establishing a Standout Brand

So far, Stephanie Caballero-Martin and her brand have impacted the lives of many women since its establishment. The brand has constantly met the initiatives it was created for, and there is still room for expansion. Despite being a new company, Tranquil products have been beneficial to those who have tried them out.

Tranquil is not just another company; we are an online health store that works on improving the lives of women by easing menstrual cramps. Our products are effective and work to help people,” She explains.

The budding mompreneur looks to make the Tranquil store even better and more global. She has set plans to start several women-centered initiatives and ideas to help women live stress-free lives.

Stephanie shared some of the plans as follows:

I have goals to see Tranquil go international and more global. Also, I want to start forums about women and women issues, through a Ted talk”.

Stephanie Caballero-Martin is a unique example of how women can produce brilliant results through their ideas. 
She would always advise people to go for their plans as long as they are dedicated to them. “Before I met my husband, I was nervous at the thought of owning a business. I believed that the market was too saturated and the thought of stepping out of the norm was unreachable for me. But with a lot of support from my husband and my belief, I don’t hesitate anymore about business ventures. It’s better to try and fail than to never try at all,” She advises.