Talking Turkey with Kanthi: Power Sportz flagship show hits the bull’s eye

Talking Turkey with Kanthi: Power Sportz flagship show hits the bull’s eye

Dubbed as the most successful sports debate show in India, “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” is all meaty, delivering and hitting the bull’s eye every time without exception. Even this time, deliberating on an issue more combustible than hydrogen—the BCCI elections—the show managed to foretell a few developments that eerily unfolded in the days that followed. 

The particular episode, debating on the upcoming BCCI elections has been in the trend again for predicting so close about the series of events. The recent debarring of eight state associations from attending the BCCI AGM only corroborates to what was predicted during the show.    

“Will the State Associations allow the elections to go as scheduled?” asked Kanthi D Suresh, show host, and Editor-in-chief of Power Sportz. Episode after episode, Kanthi has been incisive in deciphering the grappling sports issues in the country.

Ambiguity prevails

The ambiguity within BCCI and the electoral process is still a reality. The situation is the same as it was in the pre-Lodha era, noted Kanthi during the show. The confusion as to who will attend the BCCI elections is mounting by the day. “Nobody wanted to implement the recommendations of the Lodha committee,” she quipped.

It is only natural to assume that vested interests and nepotism are bred-in-the-bone within the BCCI. 

The TNCA and HPCA result already prove that all is in the family, a fact Talking Turkey with Kanthi has highlighted on the show. 

A dazed Committee of Administrators

If the BCCI members are behaving errant, the CoA is also not making things easier. The committee members have proven themselves to be highly intimidated by those who know to play this game well. The whimsical mannerisms of the SC-appointed CoA by condensing information in bits and pieces are making things murkier. 

So, will the state bodies eventually pull the strings and manipulate the BCCI elections on October 23? “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” reckons that it is going to be contentious if CoA has to decide who will vote in the elections. Of course, the days preceding the elections will see a lot of drama.

Kanthi wraps up the show with a big question whether the BCCI elections will ever take place this month, and if held, will the results be out on time.  

All sports lovers and keen followers of the game should pray that the apprehension of ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi’ doesn’t come true.