ISP provider issues apology to Power Sportz over blocking of the channel

Power Sportz had faced blocking of the channel twice in the past one month, which had led to a disruption in their programming and viewership. Ms Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief, had indicated her personal discomfort over the issue. A police complaint was filed in the local Gurugram Police station regarding the incident where the aspect of a possible sabotage was mentioned.

The latest on this is that Airtel, the service provider has tendered an apology stating that contrary to the observation  by Power Sportz that their channel had been blocked intentionally, it was actually a technical error in implementation of URL blocking orders by the regulator for some other sites

Regretting the inconvenience and also tendering a sincere apology, Airtel has also made necessary amendments to strengthen their own internal process, as mentioned in their letter to the complaint filed  by  Power Sportz.

Power Sportz is currently focussing on the live stream of their league division beginning with cricket where 5 global teams have been identified. Teams from Australia, UK, Srilanka, West Indies and South Africa have been finalized, and three more teams are in the pipeline. The league division is personally being handled by Ms Kanthi D Suresh, the founder of the channel.


Power Sportz lodges Complaint against ISP in DCP Office

Power Sportz TV has been blocked by Airtel, the service provider, twice in the past one month. Proper justification for the domain and app blocking have not been provided by Airtel to Power Sportz Technical team.

Kanthi D Suresh, the founder and Editor-in-Chief had expressed that she has been disturbed about the incidents. In a complaint lodged with the DCP South office in Gurugram, Power Sportz has mentioned that they believethis is not a technical glitch but a malafide intention to sabotage the channel operations. Such constant blanking out of the channel Pan India,without either a notice or a justification needs to be investigated into. The matter is of grave concern and a serious threat is perceived.

The channel has been in the news recently for its new league division to roll out the Power Sportz Premier league, beginning with cricket. It has also been learnt that the incamera trials of teams in international locations are beginning this month. Ms Kanthi D Suresh is personally involved in the league operations


Father of Minor victim in CLTA case speaks to Power Sportz

The CLTA molestation case, which has been simmering since the last one year, is smudging the Indian tennis fraternity as the victim is yet to receive justice. A minor girl, who was a trainee at the Chandigarh Academy of Rural Tennis (CHART), run by the Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association (CLTA), had been sexually harassed by five fellow trainee boys as alleged by her father in the case. 

However, the case has been lingering since last one year and the father of the minor girl is still running from pillar to post to get justice and bring the perpetrators to book. 

In a candid interview with Power Sportz, on the flagship show of the channel – Talking Turkey with Kanthi – the victim’s father talked about his ordeal and the nightmare the family has been subjected to from last one year. 

Talking Turkey with Kanthi is a popular debate show aired by Power Sportz, the nation’s first digital sports channel. Helmed by the Editor-in-chief of the channel, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh, this weekly sports debate show has so far highlighted many key issues plaguing Indian sports.

Received no help from anyone, says victim’s father

On asked whether he has received any help from the AITA or the administration at the CLTA, the father of the 16-year-old girl denied getting any. In fact, he seemed too indignant at the callous behavior of those heading the CLTA. Rather than lending him a sympathetic ear, he alleged that “they are trying to shield the culprits.” Not only the CLTA, even AITA seemed slackened up in addressing this grave incident.

The show was also attended by the CEO of AITA, Bishwadeep Akhouri and he presented his side of the story. 

“Is AITA even aware of what is happening in state sports federations?” asked Kanthi D Suresh. She pointed out that it is the sole responsibility of the AITA to look after the welfare of the tennis players in the country and make the environment safe for budding players. 

However, Akhouri said that the AITA is not distancing itself from the incident and the apex tennis body will ensure that justice prevails. He declined to speak much about the case as it is sub judice and confirmed that law will take its course. If the boys are found guilty, they will be handed exemplary punishment, said Akhouri. 

The plight of the father of the minor girl was palpable during his interview and his agony could be felt by viewers. 

Age fraud in Tennis rampant

While talking to Power Sportz, the victim’s father also said that while dealing with the belligerent CLTA, another menace came to the fore. It was the ill of age-fraud, which is quite rampant in Indian tennis. One of the accused, who is also a junior Davis Cupper has fudged his age by four years. It came out during the investigation of the case.

The discussion panel also had a renowned sports psychologist, Dr. Jayanti Datta, who mentioned that such incidents can leave an indelible scare on the minds of minors and could change the course of their lives. 

The victim’s father too agreed with her and revealed that his daughter has gone through enough in the last one year. She has even refused to pick up the racquet after the incident despite it was dream to pursue a career in tennis, the father said. 

Power Sportz has always been vocal about such issues and has in the past raised issues on doping, match-fixing, Racism and gender issues plaguing Indian Sports. 


Was there a Cyber Attack on Power Sportz TV?, Kanthi D Suresh Orders Inquiry

The digital environment in the World is definitely a crowded space especially in this Corona and lock down phase, where most employees are in a ‘work from home’, mode. The banning of 59 Chinese apps by the Indian Government owing to the Galwan  skirmish in the border, where 20 of Indian soldiers were martyred, has also led to more confusion in the digital space. There is confusion whether these apps could still be accessed inspite of the Governments ban

Power Sportz, Indias only dedicated Live sports news channel faced an uncomfortable situation on the evening of July 3, where the site on its url platform( was not accessible to the viewer, with a signage of an insecure site with possible hacking. While the apps on the android and ios, along with Amazon tv, were functioning normally, the web based url for the site had crashed. It is not clear as to what the exact reason for the crash, is. Ms Kanthi D Suresh, has put out a message on the channel tikker extending an apology for the inconvenience created to viewers for more than a 24 hour period.

It has been learnt that the Editor-in-Chief, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, along with her close confidants, were on this the entire night of June 3, and ultimately set it right on the late morning of July 5th. The message on the tikker was put out by Ms Kanthi D Suresh, extending an apology to the viewers and also ordering an inquiry into the same. The last show by Ms Kanthi on the flagship program, Talking Turkey, was about the derecognized status of all the National Sports federations.

Power Sportz has been in the news recently for identifying sporting talent to launch its league business with new technology enhancements on its server, for multiple live streams. Power Sportz Premier League , we are told will be beginning with Cricket. Power Sportz had won a legal case last year during their special programming of the World Cup , 2019, where they were sued by another sports broadcaster, where the court had restrained the broadcaster and allowed Power Sportz to continue its programming.


Novak Djokovic Responds To Power Sportz Show, By Kanthi D Suresh

Recently, tennis star Novak Djokovic made a  statement that left everyone surprised. Djokovic said that he would prefer to improve his immunity rather taking any vaccination on COVID-19. He also said that he would have a difficult decision to make if receiving a coronavirus vaccine became mandatory to compete on the tennis circuit.

Djokovic, who is known for his extraordinary ability to shrink the court and has won 17 Grand Slam singles titles, made this comment while he was speaking with a group of Serbian players on a live Facebook chat.. However, in a statement that was released on Monday through his management team, Djokovic declined to address whether he opposed vaccines in general.

However, Kanthi D Suresh, the editor-in-chief and co-owner supported Djokovic stand and said that vaccination should not be mandatory prerequisite to participate in international sports events as long as players are able to maintain strong immunity and are not carrying any contagious virus, there is no point federations forcing vaccination on athletes. She further added, “Sports federations cannot allow the business of vaccination to dominate the spirit of sports.”

Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief of Power Sportz is known to take bold views which are unconventional and different from the regular approach. Kanthi’s point of view and support to Djokovic, has been acknowledged on mail with a note stating that vaccine is certainly a sensitive issue. 

For more details do watch Power Sportz News Stream


Has Power News been shelved by Kanthi D Suresh of Power Sportz?

The beginning of 2020 saw the Editor-in-Chief of Power Sportz, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, herself making a commitment that Power News, a political news channel was in the pipeline and was going to be launched, soon. Infact, Kanthi was seemingly very excited about the new project, as its no rocket science that any and every show she does, is like a mini political show, which can impact any and everybody in their daily lives.

While news on Power News was strongly doing the rounds, Kanthi also started getting busy with the league business, and Power Sportz Premier League division was launched. The league division is only an extension of Power Sportz and perhaps it didn’t require the kind of resources that launching a new channel, would require. PSPL, has made fast progress and is well on the verge of rolling out on ground as the current situation eases post May 3. The first set of 50 players have already been shortlisted and the next set of 50 players , we are told, are on the verge of being finalized

But, where does that leave Power News, the political channel which Ms Kanthi was always so enthusiastic about? Her recent shows on the Power Sportz Covid tracker has been judged as one of the most interesting shows that any news channel has put up till date on the Corona Virus. It came across as a high quality show which was well researched and threw up information, which has stopped many from making unnecessary remarks, thereafter.

But seems like, Ms Kanthi D Suresh is currently handling too many things alone, and is not able to provide both time and resources towards her desired Political News Channel.

Has the Power News channel been completely shelved?. As of now, yes!


Power Sportz Premier League already flooded with player profiles before process begins

Its just been 3-4 days since Ms Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz talked about ‘Main Bi Star Banunga’, a concept being launched by the Power Sportz League division to capture sporting talent from the nook and corners of India, and showcase it on the Power Sportz broadcast platform. She had mentioned that the technical team is working at creating a user interface on the PS portal for talented sportspersons to upload their videos from the comfort of their homes, while observing the social distancing protocol during the lockdown period

As per information available last evening, before the user interface is even ready, a lot of people have directly got in touch through coaches across different sports and have expressed their interest to be part of the league. We are not clear as to which sports in particular have shown keenness, though we are clear that PSPL will be focussing on mass sports like Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Basketball etc. We also have information that the leagues will be held zone wise, and will be beginning with the North Zone. Talent across North Zone will be captured first, to begin with

It is believed that Ms Kanthi D Suresh, will be appointing expert coaches in specific fields to ensure that there is an unbiased selection process for the leagues, and also to streamline the entire process.

Now, with the Government of India publicly declaring that the lockdown period will not extend beyond April 14, it seems like PSPL will be going at a fast pace, April 15, onwards. The selections were hitherto supposed to begin April 15th onwards, but an online selection was decided in the wake of the lockdown.

But, now, either which way, teams are already beginning to be put in place. We are not sure as to how long  Ms Kanthi D Suresh wants to keep the talent identification process on, before starting the league. Would they want to have the Pan India talent pool ready or are they looking at just the North Zone talent pool ready, before they launch, is what we are awaiting clarification on. The initial plan as we understood was to have the talent identification process on, for a minimum period of 45 days, to get 8 teams ready


Power Sportz Editorial team at Work despite Corona Fear

When the world is on a lockdown, its not easy to be in the news media space. Its the media that the World is turning to, for the daily dose of news and updates. Power Sportz, Indias only Sports News channel has more responsibility currently, as its perhaps the only channel in India, that is capable of giving daily sports news and updates.

Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief of the channel, we are told, has given special instructions to the team to ensure that athletes are reached out to, in this time of distress, and the sports fraternity is given a reassurance that the channel is for them, whatever the situation may be.

News and updates, and regional reporting is set to continue on a daily basis, while the safety precautions are being adhered to. It is a difficult time for all with the imposition of Sec 144 in Delhi area. As per the Haryana Government lockdown rules, essential services which include Media, are restricted from the lockdown. 

According to our sources, Team PS assembled in the office this morning with emergency instructions from Ms Kanthi D Suresh on how the execution should be planned out till the lockdown period continues. We also hear that the flagship show of the channel, Talking Turkey will also be aired this week, though there has been no confirmation of the same.

Kudos to all who choose to work with the same vigor in this difficult period


Power Sportz Is All Set To Start Its Premier League

Here is one more good news for all the Power Sportz fans, the channel is all set to start off its league division. The league business that Power Sportz is planning to start will involve organizing and live broadcasting of live matches across different sports, all over the world.

The channel has already developed its own in-house technology for live broadcast and is now technically equipped to live stream, globally.

We got a chance to speak to Ms. Kanthi D Suresh, the editor-in-chief and co-owner of Power Sportz. Ms. Kanthi seem quite elated, in a statement she said, “The whole thing started with a call from the USA, where the Indian diaspora was keen on tying up with Power Sportz for live broadcasting their ‘cricket on soccer ground concept. I found it a great opportunity to tie up globally for this new concept of cricket, so I immediately agreed for the same.”

Ms. Kanthi also said that the league is going be a hit in European countries as well, because cricket grounds are available actively in not more than a few countries while soccer and football grounds exist in thousands, all over the world.

While the global broadcast is on the anvil, Power Sportz is ready to start its domestic league live broadcast. According to an insider, Ms. Kanthi always had a vision to satisfy unfulfilled aspirations of sports athletes who have immense talent but do not have a platform to showcase the same. And through this league business Ms. Kanthi’s dream of providing the right platform to the ones who have the talent but not the right platform will be fulfilled. 

Power Sportz has already started identifying talent for the same. ‘Main Bhi Star Banunga’ is the concept being rolled out. Power Sportz, with a reach to more than 100 countries, perhaps is a great option for all those who wish to showcase their talent. 

‘Main Bhi Star Banunga’ is expected to be a big hit with millions of youngsters who wish to emulate their famous cricket stars!


In the wake of COVID – 19, Power Sportz suspends studio guests’ shows

Ever since COVID-19 has hit India, things have changed tremendously. It’s not only the share market, IPL and day to day life of people that is affected, but also the professional front is getting affected now. Probably listening to your favorite news will be difficult now.

In the wake of the Coronavirus Government has ordered a lockdown. And it is for all, but following the advisory protocol becomes more difficult when you have guests in the studio.

Maintaining 1 metre distance is not possible in a studio. Everything from makeup to studio staff will have to be in close proximity. However, regular single anchor/reporter shows can go on as single anchor/reporter can follow all the precautions completely.

Many sports events have already been suspended, including IPL. Indian Premier League is postponed till April 15.

On Friday, in order to take effective measures to fight back the situation, the Editor-in-chief Power Sportz, Kanthi D Suresh has also put this in effect.

There is no news about how long Power Sportz wants to implement this protocol. However, according to an insider, the protocol is to be followed for a week and will be reviewed after a week, again, depending on the Covid spread and directives.