The Rise to Fame of an independent Hip Hop artist – M City J.R.

The Rise to Fame of an independent Hip Hop artist – M City J.R.

D’Andre Jamal Mason was born on October 27 in 1991. People recognise him by his most famous stage name, M City J.R. City is known globally as an American rapper, a singer, a songwriter and even the creator and founder of the Yacht Club Social Network brand. His brand includes photography, music, collective, and apparel. M City J.R. did not gain popularity in one night instead made a series of struggles to reach the point where he is now. 

He was the youngest brother in his family. He started his career by working on different projects. These projects did not bring in much popularity, but City became sure that he will devote his heart and soul to music for the rest of his lives. His life took a turn when he performed on the Detroit underground hip hop and rap scene. In 2014, City released his first track – Grindin’.

Releasing “PIZZA PIZZA”

M City J.R. has released a handful of singles right from a very young age. People know him for the fantastic work that he has been doing. Recently, City released a new genre of pop, disco and electronic number, “PIZZA PIZZA”. The album has made the critics surprised and has also made its way in the market. Several copies have been already sold out and are hitting everyone’s playlists. 

Moreover, the “PIZZA PIZZA” album is one of his refreshing take on the hip hop sound. We must say that this time, City just outdid himself as an artist. He did all the production on the project on his own. The song is crafted well with the sound and music and helps to get the right vibes in the right place. “PIZZA PIZZA” album released in the same fashion as “Addicted to My Ex” did. It came with no warning.

City left no hints that he was working in his studio for his new number. The song released on August 13, 2020, and it has already gained thousands of views on his YouTube channel. People have already started loving his hip hop album.

Fighting for the chance to rap

During the initial days, Mason did not gain much popularity. He devoted his heart and soul into one thing, and that is music. Mason started rapping at a very young age with one of his school friends. He often used to bunk classes and go for practices for the rap battle. Later in 2015, Mason released one more single – Salmonella. This album made him M City J.R. from Mason. On weekends, City would participate in open mic contests at the Hip-Hop Shop. 

M City J.R. would write and practise his rhymes with rage and purpose. He was so determined and passionate about music that he even used to rap about things. With no success for around a decade, City was at an all-time low. His First track – Grindin’, was not a hit. All he needed was a little push and confidence. Soon he made his way in “10 Detroit artists you should know in 2015.” Eventually, he started gaining fame and recognition.

His acclaimed album – “Addicted to My Ex.”

“Addicted to My Ex” was a turning point in City’s life. He released it in 2016. The single became a super-duper hit. People started to love him as a rapper. He also gained popularity amongst the youngsters. The music album, “Addicted to My Ex” also came with a music video. The video just went viral. It debuted on the Bubbling under Hot 100 chart. It even crossed millions of plays on TikTok.

M City J.R always worked independently. He made his own production house. He had also worked with many Detroit artists. Recently from a news source, we came to know that City started working with an international music promotion company. The company name is Royal Heir Entertainment. This company will help him to promote his music and distribute them all over to Asia. 

When your hip-hop album starts to gain recognition, it is essential to outsource, M city J.R took the right decision. You can download and listen to his recent number on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Deezer.