D-Lea – ‘Rackz All Up In My Pocket’

After years of working on his sound, upcoming hip hop artist D-Lea has released a new single to follow up his debut track.

The new released, titled ‘Rackz All Up In My Pocket’ features heartfelt lyrics, interesting melodies and a passionate vocal performance. D-Lea lets his listeners know what life has been like, explaining in his own voice what he’s been feeling.

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Rojah Larue Explains The Challenges Of Love On ‘Wish Me Well’

Hailing from Florida, rising hip hop artist Rojah Larue has been grinding for a career in music since he began writing songs two years ago. The artist is inspired by the challenges he faces in life, often writing about his real-life experiences.

Larue recently dropped ‘Wish Me Well,’ a smooth jam in which the artist pours his heart out, explaining the challenges of falling in love. The creative showcases his songwriting abilities throughout the track, offering a catchy chorus, vibey cadences, and real lyrics that a wider audience can relate to. Larue speaks on dating good-looking girls and the heartbreak that comes with being a player.

The artist has been active so far in 2021, releasing a pair of new singles. Larue did let us know that he plans to release a project in December before the new year.

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Los Angeles Based Hip Hop Artist KIDJUDA Stunts On ‘Rugratz’

LA based hip hop artist KIDJUDA has taken the music industry by storm, finding success as an independent artist. The artist has released numerous tracks that have taken off on Spotify. A notable track from the rising artist is ‘Rugratz’.

‘Rugratz’ begins with a vibey instrumental that quickly transitions into a melodic platform for both KIDJUDA and his collaborator Rudeboicrazy. The duo takes turns giving their listeners a piece of their mind, with lyrics about living life in Hollywood. Lasting just under 3 minutes in listening time, the track fades out with its catchy hook leaving the listener ready for whatever song is next in line.

KIDJUDA has been focusing heavily on his business endeavors this past year, starting an NFT distribution company called Hollywood Punks. The company focuses on distributing NFTs for celebrities.

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Hip Hop Artist Rell Heff Puts His Skills On Display In New Single “Still With”

Rell Heff, a hip-hop artist with boundless skill who lives in Laurelton, Queens, New York, is on the rise. Rell Heff has spent the previous several years planning how he wants to take his profession to the next level, and he is now ready to put his plan into action. Looking to make a big impact in the second half of 2021, Rell Heff has released his new track “Still With,” which is an essential for everyone’s playlist.

Still With” explores what it’s like to grow up in the same neighborhood as Rell Heff. Where he comes from, few people strive for greatness in the same way he does, preferring instead to adapt to the life they know and are comfortable with. Heff makes it clear that no matter where his profession takes him, he is still with his same friends and will never leave them despite everything that has happened. He knows they’ve got his back, and he’ll always have theirs.

Still With” is some of Rell Heff’s greatest work to date, and fans are eagerly awaiting his next release. There is no doubt that Rell Heff has something exceptional going on, and he intends to take advantage of the chance. Check out Rell Heff and the music he has to offer because soon everyone will know his name.

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Josh from YNC seen on Reality TV’s growing hip-hop with Jo Jo Simmons on We TV

Josh is an amazing hip-hop artist who has earned his name through his passion in hip-hop. He has walked a long way, it has not been just night and day, but years of relentless work. Now he is a well-known artist who is invited for reality shows, and interviews. He was seen on a Reality TV show named Growing hip-hop with Jo Jo Simmons on We tv. Click to see his episode. Jo Jo Simmons who is better known for his stage name as Rev Run Simmons is an American famous rapper who is the son of great Joseph Simmons.

Growing Up Hip Hop is the original installment of the Growing Up Hip Hop reality television franchise on WE tv. The series premiered on January 7, 2016 and chronicles the lives of the children of hip-hop legends. Its success has led to the creation of spin-offs Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta and Growing Up Hip Hop: New York. The series is executive produced by Datari Turner Productions and Entertainment One Studios. On March 11, 2021, WE tv announced the show’s return for a sixth season which premiered on May 13, 2021.

Joshua Heatherington also known as JoshfromYNC is a hip-hop artist from Wheeling, West Virginia. He is 26 years old and was Born on September 22, 1993. He has not only made an impact in his small area of Wheeling West Virginia, but he has also traveled all over the world winning back to back showcases for This is 50 in Queens New York and Bad Boy Records in Newark New Jersey. He has been touring with a lot of celebrity artists and creating an international buzz that has worked his way up creating attention. Josh has been collaborating with industry level artists, such as YoGotti, Jimmy Wopo, Mike Jones, Frenchie from Brick Squad, Chingy, DjUnk, Dizzy Wright and more.

He is on a major tv show called Growing Up Hip-hop New York with Jo Jo Simmons. His grind is unstoppable getting cosigns from Sway, Tim West Wood, DJ Envy, Snoop Dog and many more. He was on Snoop Dogs Top Ten Underground heat 6 weeks in a row, also had his song played on Snoop Dogs TV show the GGN Network. He was also on Hip Hop nation with DJ Envy breaking his new records in all over Sirius XM. Mr. Peter Parker took his record that he made with YoGotti and played it on Shade 45 Sirius XM. He also has had interviews with DJ Smallz, Shade 45, This is 50, Mr. Peter Parker, Hip Hop Nation, The Source Magazine, Wamo, Hot 97, Power 105 and more.

He has done various shows around the world with multiple celebrity artists, Some of those artists include Cardi B Funk Flex, DJ Envy , DJ Drewski ,  Don Q, Safari, DJ Unk, Montana of 300, Jimmy Wopo, Lil Scrappy, Lil Fiz, Cory Gunz, Freeway, Cassidy, Yung from Cali Swag District, Frenchie from Brick Squad, Cardi B, Phresher , Lil Flip, Philly Freeway, Afroman, Fred the Godson, HypnoCarlito, JR Writer, Vado, WakaFlocka, 50 Cent, Dizzy Wright, Hopsin, Chevy Woods, FettyWap, Young Dolph , Soulja Boy, Snooty Wild, and the list continues.. His main goal is to be as big independently as he can, unless the right deal comes his way. He is now pushing his hit single FLY produced by 808 mafia featuring Frenchie from Brick Squad.

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Hip Hop Artist Ray Kirk Strives To Make A Name For Himself

Getting into music at the age of eleven and beginning to perform at the age of fourteen, talented young artist Ray Kirk has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. His early passion for the art form led him and a few others to develop a hip-hop group named “423 Cross United,” where they would receive looks from Columbia Music Japan during their performances in Osaka and Tokyo. From that point on, Ray Kirk knew that he could make it in music if he put his mind to it and put in the time necessary. 

Currently, an independent artist, Kirk’s campaign is being backed by the help of DJ Dantz and Harold “Ness” Spiva. Together the group is working on getting Kirk recognized in the underground hip hop world and will try to emerge him into mainstream when the time comes. Ray is trusting the process and going through with the plan they have in place.

Following the planned direction, Ray Kirk intends to continue to raise the bar for himself as he progresses through his career. It is going to be exciting watching Kirk grow as an artist. Be sure to watch Ray Kirk’s journey, so you don’t miss a piece to the puzzle that is forming his illustrious career ahead.

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The Rise to Fame of an independent Hip Hop artist – M City J.R.

D’Andre Jamal Mason was born on October 27 in 1991. People recognise him by his most famous stage name, M City J.R. City is known globally as an American rapper, a singer, a songwriter and even the creator and founder of the Yacht Club Social Network brand. His brand includes photography, music, collective, and apparel. M City J.R. did not gain popularity in one night instead made a series of struggles to reach the point where he is now. 

He was the youngest brother in his family. He started his career by working on different projects. These projects did not bring in much popularity, but City became sure that he will devote his heart and soul to music for the rest of his lives. His life took a turn when he performed on the Detroit underground hip hop and rap scene. In 2014, City released his first track – Grindin’.

Releasing “PIZZA PIZZA”

M City J.R. has released a handful of singles right from a very young age. People know him for the fantastic work that he has been doing. Recently, City released a new genre of pop, disco and electronic number, “PIZZA PIZZA”. The album has made the critics surprised and has also made its way in the market. Several copies have been already sold out and are hitting everyone’s playlists. 

Moreover, the “PIZZA PIZZA” album is one of his refreshing take on the hip hop sound. We must say that this time, City just outdid himself as an artist. He did all the production on the project on his own. The song is crafted well with the sound and music and helps to get the right vibes in the right place. “PIZZA PIZZA” album released in the same fashion as “Addicted to My Ex” did. It came with no warning.

City left no hints that he was working in his studio for his new number. The song released on August 13, 2020, and it has already gained thousands of views on his YouTube channel. People have already started loving his hip hop album.

Fighting for the chance to rap

During the initial days, Mason did not gain much popularity. He devoted his heart and soul into one thing, and that is music. Mason started rapping at a very young age with one of his school friends. He often used to bunk classes and go for practices for the rap battle. Later in 2015, Mason released one more single – Salmonella. This album made him M City J.R. from Mason. On weekends, City would participate in open mic contests at the Hip-Hop Shop. 

M City J.R. would write and practise his rhymes with rage and purpose. He was so determined and passionate about music that he even used to rap about things. With no success for around a decade, City was at an all-time low. His First track – Grindin’, was not a hit. All he needed was a little push and confidence. Soon he made his way in “10 Detroit artists you should know in 2015.” Eventually, he started gaining fame and recognition.

His acclaimed album – “Addicted to My Ex.”

“Addicted to My Ex” was a turning point in City’s life. He released it in 2016. The single became a super-duper hit. People started to love him as a rapper. He also gained popularity amongst the youngsters. The music album, “Addicted to My Ex” also came with a music video. The video just went viral. It debuted on the Bubbling under Hot 100 chart. It even crossed millions of plays on TikTok.

M City J.R always worked independently. He made his own production house. He had also worked with many Detroit artists. Recently from a news source, we came to know that City started working with an international music promotion company. The company name is Royal Heir Entertainment. This company will help him to promote his music and distribute them all over to Asia. 

When your hip-hop album starts to gain recognition, it is essential to outsource, M city J.R took the right decision. You can download and listen to his recent number on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Deezer.


Upcoming Hip Hop Artist Witnez Reminisces on His New Track “Memories”

Witnez has been releasing bangers from his room for quite some time now. He started recording himself at the age of 15. Now at the age of 19, he has been able to make a name for himself with his unique style. Inspired by the late Juice Wrld, his melodic vocals mixed with his solid production and unique flow have created a sound that resonates with his listeners. Nowhere is Witnez’s unique sound more prevalent than on his new track “Memories”. 

The song’s message is about looking back reflecting on the past while moving forward in life in pursuit of one’s dream. “Our past is always a part of us, but we can’t let it stop who we are becoming,” said Witnez. 

The beautiful guitar based instrumental mixed with Witnez’s soft, catchy vocals makes for a golden recipe. The song, lasting just 2 minutes, leaves the listener wanting more. The track was engineered by Grammy nominated producer Kerim Wilhelm. 

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“Drip Drip” – Navy veteran and Hip Hop artist PBE Pluto’s latest release is getting massive vogue

PBE Pluto is a competent modern artist from Alabama, recognized for his unapologetic and unfiltered attitude of songwriting and singing. A Navy veteran, PBE Pluto aka Brent Parker formed a music duo with his brother Dekembi Parker(Kid Kembi) and together they have launched many singles like ‘Get Low’ and hit mixtape “Da Future”. PBE Pluto’s latest single with his brother “Drip Drip” has garnered over 200k views on YouTube, over 150k streams on Soundcloud and overall they have over 20k monthly listeners on

Earlier, the duo was intially acknowledged as Pluto & Kid Kembi but they are now gearing up to release upcoming projects and content under the name “PBE”. Their new release ‘Drip Drip’ is the main release under their name “PBE”, and is always establishing a buzz on the social media while being played around in the most prominent clubs and radio stations around the city.

PBE Pluto and Kid Kembi have helped hard to enhance their craft. PBE focused on giving rise to music that highlighted their complementary styles and moved to Atlanta in 2015. Their single “Get Low” reaped trending status on Spotify and Twitter. Inspired by the great acknowledgment of their fans, the duo undertook a mixtape called “DA Future” follow up single set to release off the mixtape labeled “Lil Mama”.

The duo is also working on a few solo projects, and PBE Pluto will soon be releasing his single “Soak Up The Drip”. PBE Pluto is also planning to start a non-profit organization “Drip Association” through which he will be overseeing a committee to go in schools and institutions to authorize the youth. In extension, PBE Pluto also owns a clothing label called “XROSSED-KULTURED” requesting a variation of apparel attitudes.

In his musical journey so far, PBE Pluto has performed in countries like Dubai and Bahrain. He has opened shows for artists like Young Jeezy, Webbie, Lil Phat, Rick Ross, and Gucci Mane among others. His recently released single “Turnt Up 2 da maximum” featuring Rello was also a hit, even though it was launched initially as song placement in the national TV ad campaigns for networks like Comedy Central, BET, VH1, and CNN.

PBE Pluto has his own certificate label, Parker Boy Entertainment through which he releases all his songs as a maker, artist, and composer, while also furnishing an opportunity to the aspiring Hip Hop artist to broadcast their song to the realm.