The Social Media Manager CoachSamuelG

The Social Media Manager CoachSamuelG

The power of social media has taken one of the biggest turning points since/before 2012. Viral sensations like Soulja Boys “Crank That” all the way to the Infamous “Backpackkid floss” social media has proven over and over again that there is no other greater marketing tool than social media itself.

Somebody who knows all too well about marketing/promotional strategies is Samuel Guzman known as CoachSamuelG on social media. From helping Instagram posts hit the explore feed to helping other influencers/artists grow their fanbase, “coach” knows all too well about the hard work that goes into it.

If you’re looking to grow your social media, take your social media career seriously and or amass a big fan-base organically from marketing strategies and hard work, then you should check out Samuel Guzman on his website.

You can also find “coach” on Instagram as well, links will be at the end! From doing social media management/social media career development for musical artists to getting models to sponsor his company “Close Connects LLC” Samuel Guzman seems to stop at nothing to help others expand their social media awareness, and the hidden marketing tactics most artists don’t even know exist.

You can find more information about the “coach” and his company below!


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