The Story of Michelangelo Azzariti, Who Turned His Passions Into Work

The Story of Michelangelo Azzariti, Who Turned His Passions Into Work

Michelangelo Azzariti today has over 66k followers on Instagram and tells how his ascent was, thanks to his great passion for travel and photography.

He is 29 years old, is an Apulian doc (from Corato, province of Bari), and is gradually conquering a space in the world of online travelblogging, especially on Instagram, where he already has over 66 k followers: it is Michelangelo Azzariti , graduated as a technician for tourist services, who is transforming his greatest passions, travel and photography, into a real job.

A path that starts at school, and miles away from its Puglia, in the Dolomites: «After finishing my studies I have always traveled, I moved to Alta Badia to work, and I was already very close to the mountain landscape, because as a child when I attended school the parish priest organized a summer camp in the Dolomites every year ». It is here that Michelangelo learned to photograph, to appreciate details that he did not include in the photos before, and which in his opinion make it complete and unique. As photography has become increasingly important in the life of Azzariti, especially thanks to Instagram, which he has been writing on since 2013.

And the results were not long in coming: some shots were noticed and re-shared by nationally famous profiles, such as @Italiait, the official page of Italian tourism. So the followers started to increase, to ask him for advice on places to visit. But the real turning point came in 2016, when he began to follow the advice of the digital entrepreneur Dario Vignali, and he understood how to propose to hotels and brands to start collaborations. Unforgettable for him the excitement of the first collaborations, with two hotels in Latvia, after only a few days.

Today Michelangelo is making more and more space in the world of travelblogging: it takes a lot of passion to tell every place he visits, trying to describe his movements not only from the point of view of relaxation and pleasure, but being among the people, knowing the thoughts and way of life of each population. Over time he also refined the photographic technique, took for the fashion blogger Giulia Gaudino (a photo that received over 30 thousand likes), and was interviewed by websites, including foreign ones, intrigued by his career as a worker in a hotel travel influencers in the Dolomites collaborating with brands and hotels.

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