Travel & Jetlag with Salem Alhajri

Travel & Jetlag with Salem Alhajri

As someone who travels so much, what do you do to beat jet lag?

That’s a good question. For me, my sleep is not so consistent so I can easily flip my sleep. I aim to fix my jet lag and sleep the day I arrive to the country I visit and the day I return back home. Simply just stay awake until I fell asleep.

What was the worst jet lag you ever encountered?

NYC for sure. I couldn’t fix my jet lag coming back from NYC for three weeks. It was the worst!

What do you answer to those that say exercise beats Jetlag? And do you do that while traveling?

Yes I agree. Good food and exercise help with jet lag. Yes, I don’t particularly exercise rather I try to walk alot until I’m exhausted. Food yes I try to eat healthier to sleep better and over come jet lag.

Experience you really loved and want to do it again ?

Traveling to Iceland Solo without any informations in a very short time.

Experience you want everyone to try ?

staying 3 months in Paris living in apartment like the locals eating French food by using app called ( Eatwith )

Experience you will never forget?

staying one month in NYC during the second biggest blizzard in the history.

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