How One Tea Recipe Launched PureLife Organics

How One Tea Recipe Launched PureLife Organics

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I felt deeply about reaching as many people as possible to promote healthy living and a healthy planet.

What was a major turning point in your professional journey?

In 2016, we launched a nutrition program based on a specific tea recipe I used to help my wife lose over 50 lbs after a car accident left her unable to exercise. From there, we created a done-for-you version of the tea, and built our brand, PureLife Organics.

Who are your biggest professional influences and why?

My brother is a VP at Coca-Cola who demonstrates incredible work ethic. Joel Marion built a 9 figure business from nothing. Gary Vaynerchuck, because he speaks his truth. Michelle Romanow demonstrates good leadership but also is a powerful role model for women. Rhonda Rousey because she would not be outworked.

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