Entrepreneur & Author Yashica Jalhotra talks about her bestselling book ‘21 laws to manifest the life you desire’

Entrepreneur & Author Yashica Jalhotra talks about her bestselling book ‘21 laws to manifest the life you desire’

Yashica started her career as a journalist but is now one of the top mind programming trainers of the country. She has trained people from several professions including entrepreneurs, doctors, bankers, army personnel and students from various age groups from several countries. She also uses her neuroscience techniques to gain control over the subconscious mind, indirectly gaining control over decisions.

Her scientific and proven techniques impact personally on people’s lives. Her main motive is to eradicate people’s thoughts about being scared of their capacities and from running away. She has transformed not only her life with inside secrets but also continues to share her knowledge with people around her.

Her book, 21 laws to manifest the life you desire: Crack the scientific code is the best selling book. It’s sold thousands of copies and has received great appreciation from the readers. The book talks about several scientific reports, real-life stories, testimonies and biochemical effects of your thoughts on your body. In simple yet very insightful language she confronted about several experiences that could possibly inspire readers to take these 21 scientific yet proven laws seriously and add magical results to their lives.

Yashica Jalhotra says, “I have always focused on training people to help them attain the best. Success is often delayed mainly because of the fears in any person. I keep trying to tell people why it is important to gain control over your subconscious mind which further impacts your success and goals“. She also believes that the fears come true especially when you’re emotional about them. This is why negative self-talk could produce harmful effects on life.

She talks about the most powerful tool in countering the negative thoughts which is the delete button. She is also the founder of Quantum of Happiness, the company that works towards reducing fear and increasing self-confidence in people. She has gone ahead to prove that had techniques are highly influential on people basis the success rate.