Was there a Cyber Attack on Power Sportz TV?, Kanthi D Suresh Orders Inquiry

Was there a Cyber Attack on Power Sportz TV?, Kanthi D Suresh Orders Inquiry

The digital environment in the World is definitely a crowded space especially in this Corona and lock down phase, where most employees are in a ‘work from home’, mode. The banning of 59 Chinese apps by the Indian Government owing to the Galwan  skirmish in the border, where 20 of Indian soldiers were martyred, has also led to more confusion in the digital space. There is confusion whether these apps could still be accessed inspite of the Governments ban

Power Sportz, Indias only dedicated Live sports news channel faced an uncomfortable situation on the evening of July 3, where the site on its url platform(www.powersportz.tv) was not accessible to the viewer, with a signage of an insecure site with possible hacking. While the apps on the android and ios, along with Amazon tv, were functioning normally, the web based url for the site had crashed. It is not clear as to what the exact reason for the crash, is. Ms Kanthi D Suresh, has put out a message on the channel tikker extending an apology for the inconvenience created to viewers for more than a 24 hour period.

It has been learnt that the Editor-in-Chief, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, along with her close confidants, were on this the entire night of June 3, and ultimately set it right on the late morning of July 5th. The message on the tikker was put out by Ms Kanthi D Suresh, extending an apology to the viewers and also ordering an inquiry into the same. The last show by Ms Kanthi on the flagship program, Talking Turkey, was about the derecognized status of all the National Sports federations.

Power Sportz has been in the news recently for identifying sporting talent to launch its league business with new technology enhancements on its server, for multiple live streams. Power Sportz Premier League , we are told will be beginning with Cricket. Power Sportz had won a legal case last year during their special programming of the World Cup , 2019, where they were sued by another sports broadcaster, where the court had restrained the broadcaster and allowed Power Sportz to continue its programming.

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