We Interviewed Gerardo Bonelli, Here are Some Useful Tips for Young Entrepreneurs Like Him

We Interviewed Gerardo Bonelli, Here are Some Useful Tips for Young Entrepreneurs Like Him

Gerardo Bonelli is a 22-year-old Italian entrepreneur who has created one of the largest activities in parallel with the online shopping sector.

What does it mean to be a digital entrepreneur in Italy today?

Being a digital entrepreneur in Italy today means giving yourself a chance. Carrying on and strengthening an economy that is not in crisis but has changed its shape, due to the digitalization that caused the change in people’s consumption habits.

For me as well as being an entrepreneur, what makes me proud is also being a mentor for entrepreneurs and professionals who are worthy but who do not know how to digitize their business

Through a system that I created in 2018, a price comparison network, I can finally help sellers of all kinds to position themselves as authorities in their sector, to stand up from the competition by finding the right target for them.

This system allowed me in 2018 to help hundreds of entrepreneurs to thrive again.

How did you manage to develop your business and be successful?

One word: resilience.

Entrepreneurship is known to be a bad beast at the beginning, it pits you against your inner demons and leads you to live situations that make you doubt your abilities.

I have spent years of isolation and often loneliness to learn the right winning techniques.

How did the idea, the desire to enter the digital sector and become one of the youngest Italian entrepreneurs?

The foundations on which my desire to use the digital sector rested are very old. When I was 13, in my early teens, I remember the first Windows XP, a love at first sight.

What are the recommendations and advice that as a digital entrepreneur you most often give to young entrepreneurs like you?

Always create the preconditions for measuring your work. This applies to all jobs but especially in this where the perception of the job behind the services is not yet mature. Clarity in job descriptions, division by points and creation of credible and achievable expectations will keep you safe from nasty surprises.

Another advice I give most often is to admit that you don’t know. The biggest problem I encounter talking to other entrepreneurs is to diminish oneself and not think big is the excessive belief “of knowing everything”. Open-mindedness is needed, to understand that the way of promoting and “marketing” has changed profoundly. I encourage all my students and clients to reset their beliefs and leave again. Only in this way have I seen the greatest results.

Thanks Gerardo for giving us this short interview, we are sure that it will be very useful for young entrepreneurs like you.

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