Ensure Your Business Data Is Secure, In the Right Hands

Ensure Your Business Data Is Secure, In the Right Hands

The topic of safeguarding online data is quickly becoming a ‘major topic’ of thought and discussion for many businesses, which is no surprise given the extent that ‘cyber’ thieves will go to these days in order to access information from your business network. There will always be dangers, the important thing to do is to make sure you have the best solutions to limit any future risk;

  1. Don’t over complicate matters

It’s tempting to get carried away with technology, but no matter what anyone says, you should keep it simple and just buy what you actually need, both in terms of features and abilities, use desktop computers as an example: it makes no sense to purchase a computer that just fits your needs only to have to update it in a year or two. If you can afford to then pay extra and get a machine that has the capability of lasting you 5 years or more.

  1. Securing your devices

After you’ve made your decision, you should get some form of protection for your device, if it’s for your business then you’ll want to speak with a specialist IT support team, they might find that your machine has protective software already installed on it, or includes a ‘free’ membership for a year for personal virus protection or such like. That doesn’t always indicate that what you get with the machine is the best for your requirements.

Do some homework and chat with local IT services professionals; they will tell you whether your present security solutions are enough or whether adjustments are required to improve matters. The most important thing to do is to make your network system is as secure as possible, especially if you have employees or visitors whom might access it.

  1. Manage your network access more effectively

Employees will most likely be assigned to distinct roles, and their access privileges must correspond to their job description and responsibilities. A manager, for example, may require controlled file transfer access, although a call handler may not.

If you have team leaders, they will require different credentials than a call handler, the same goes for if there will be visitors and maybe clients at your place of work as well. It may appear straightforward, yet it is an area that is frequently neglected.

To acquire the best protection, there are several tools, strategies, and tactics that are employed by some of the world’s largest organisations that will most likely aid you along the path, consider things like; two step authentication and enhanced protection systems.

Ensuring that passwords are changed regularly and that the passwords are strong enough is crucial, two step authentication by way of a mobile app can also increase your level of security.

What’s best for your Business?

Whilst there may be some internal unrest of employing an outside source for particular IT services, as a business owner you should always focus on what is right for your company, most people find change hard to deal with but, in the long run it usually turns out to have been the smartest move they’ve made.