What Should You Know About Online ICAS Assessments?

What Should You Know About Online ICAS Assessments?

Typically, the school curriculum dictates the existing exam patterns across different educational boards. And most other exams that measure a student’s aptitude are usually competitive.

The ICAS assessment program is the first of its kind. It evaluates the children on their skills and compares them against global benchmarks.

But scoring high in these tests can be quite petrifying for your child. Thus, it is best to reach out to top consultants, such as icasassessments.com. While they have decades of experience developing assessments that your child will find engaging, they equip you and your child’s school with a powerful vision.

Such aspects help to improve your ward’s learning and reward their academic excellence. Here’s what you should know about online ICAS assessments to help your child develop an organised study plan for achieving a top score successfully.

What Is the ICAS Assessment Program?

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, or in short ICAS, is an elite skills-based assessment program. While it is a UNSW Global Educational Assessment’s evaluation product, last year, Janison, the global technology pioneer, acquired it. So, now your child can access the best of worlds, the highest standard of online assessment content and a world-leading platform.

On the other hand, ICAS recognises and rewards your ward’s achievements in various subjects at a global level. Thus, leading professionals focus on helping them excel in every facet of the exam for an overall high score.

The Importance of ICAS Preparation

Ideally, schools and teachers review your child’s ICAS score to understand their abilities and track their progress year on year. Moreover, some institutions use ICAS as a placement test and reference to evaluate their skills beyond the classroom.

On the other hand, these tests get updated annually for a more accurate evaluation, making the exam quite hard to clear.

However, top experts can help your ward during the entire preparation phase. They help your child understand the purpose and structure of the online assessment, thus ensuring they perform their best.

Results and Rankings

Typically, if your child undertakes the online ICAS test, they will get ranked per their percentile scored in each year level across various participating countries.

While the top 1% of participants receive a High Distinction, the next 10% are Distinction holders. The following 25% of students receive a Credit Certificate and the next 10%, a Merit Certificate. Finally, the rest of the participants get a Participation Certificate.

You can view your child’s results and their school’s performance online. Top consultants feature a result page on their websites to check the results with an online sign-up.

Benefits of Online ICAS Assessments

With your child already aware of the digital mode of studying and assessments, they will find this program straightforward. On the other hand, the assessment tools have restricted access, thus making the online exam highly secure.

Experts ensure your child gets the experience of appearing for online tests with their practice papers. It allows your ward to utilise the scalability of the assessments while sharpening their skills and working on their improvement areas.

Consult an Experienced Specialist

Find a reputed expert and review your child’s potential with them. Rest assured, you can ensure your child understands the various facets of the online ICAS assessments, leading to an intensely focused preparation for genuinely recording a high score.