Who is a good builder? The words of Hooman Zirobam, an investor in construction and a famous and popular Iranian entrepreneur

Who is a good builder? The words of Hooman Zirobam, an investor in construction and a famous and popular Iranian entrepreneur

Hooman Pirveysi, nicknamed Hooman Zirobam, has a definition of good manufacturers, we will check some of these cases below, stay with us

Who is a good builder? A good builder should be aware of all aspects of his field of activity, be aware of the latest laws of the municipality and the organization of the engineering system, use new and up-to-date ideas to build, and most importantly, a resume. Have a strong. Also, having extensive relationships with first-hand suppliers, to provide quality materials and deliver quality structures to the employer.

The important point in choosing a good builder, for construction or participation in construction, is to carefully consider all the options before us. Because the construction of a house or the purchase of a house, a commercial unit, and especially in metropolises such as Tehran, requires a lot of capital, and a mistake in this transaction will cause us severe financial losses.

What are the characteristics of a good builder?

Having an activity license

Certainly, one of the most important characteristics of a good and law-abiding builder is having a license to operate from regulatory and legal organizations and institutions. In answer to the question of who is a good builder? It can be said that a builder who obtains legal licenses from the Organization of the Engineering System of the country and the Association of Housing and Building Builders of the province where he works, and works under his supervision, is a good builder. A good manufacturer is always looking for quality certifications from standards providers, in order to increase its credibility, evaluate its capabilities and solve its problems.

Having a skilled technical and engineering team

Who is a good builder when it comes to research? We must mention the technical and engineering team of that complex. A good and reputable builder using a team of architects, civil and structural engineers, installation engineers, electrical engineers, interior and exterior decoration artists, support and purchase team from reputable suppliers, in search of the highest quality construction While saving costs.

 Administrative, legal and professional sales team

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to choosing a good construction consultant. We neglect its administrative and legal team. The appearance of the building may be designed by architects and executed by civil and structural engineers, but all the pre-production stages, including obtaining legal permits and arrangements during construction, and finally planning for the sale and delivery of the document. To buyers, legally done by the administrative, legal and professional sales team of a good builder.

The duties of the administrative, legal and professional sales team of a good builder include obtaining the necessary permits, completing administrative work, document registration, planning for the completion of projects and planning for attractive sales and pre-sale plans. Unfortunately, in recent years, due to the growth of housing prices and increasing demand for the purchase of commercial, residential, office and profit-making units, 2 profiteers have started to defraud people by establishing formal companies, and several cases have been filed in recent years. Formed in the courts. To avoid such problems, be sure to pay attention to this point when choosing a construction company to participate in the construction or purchase of residential projects.

Brilliant track record and successful projects

Many people with years of experience in this field always refer to the review of projects and executive records of housing construction engineering companies. If we ask an experienced person, who is a good builder? Definitely points to the need to review his background and projects.

A good builder, with years of experience in successful construction and carrying out significant and important projects, has established a good and credible name for himself, which is by no means willing to question this name and reputation. A good and reputable builder, at the customer’s request, allows him to visit his ongoing projects to get acquainted with the quality of his work.

Finally, our suggestion for choosing a good builder is to consider the above conditions and take the time to find the best housing and construction consultant.

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