Why Meeting a US President is the Ultimate Aim of the Kim Family?

Why Meeting a US President is the Ultimate Aim of the Kim Family?

This meeting is the ultimate aim of the Kim family which eluded his head of the family for nearly 2 decades ago. It this same meeting which also his grandfather never accomplished.

Summary of this meeting.

North Korean head of state Kim Jong is looking to long stand and achieve his grandfather and fathers urge and which this two never managed in accomplishing. It is specifically a meeting which his and his grandfather eluded over 2 decades ago
It is a great achievement to head of state Kim Jong family dynasty to have a face to face and a one on one talk with the president of the United States of America.
Both North Korea and United States of America officials are still laying all the summit groundwork between Kim Jong and Donald Trump, which is officially set to be held on the 12 the of June which will take place in Singapore.

According to the amid negotiations, conclusions and debates have been raged on what type of concessions which North Korea may extract from united states of America in denuclearization return or more so to what extent the Pyongyang would go in surrendering its own nuclear program. But immediately Trump and Kim stepped in this same room, experts concluded that North Korea already has cemented to the ground its own victory.

Jean H. Lee, North Korea expert based at Wilson center in the US told CNN said that, and I quote, “summit with the US president is what any country in the world would really aspire, for a small country which technically speaking is still at war with the US, for its head of state to share the same table with the US president is a big deal.

“My grandfather and father would incredibly be proud seeing that North Korea has progeny established a legitimate state with the US on the world stage.” Said head of state Kim Jong. But this meeting with US president has acted as a boost which will basically give Pyongyang new veneer and respectability. “this meeting represents the majority of things including, North Korea is a state, that all its leaders are world leaders and the state is accepted all over the world.” Jim Hoare, a former expert in the British charge d’affaires said.

Though it is nearly impossible to read the power dynamics of the North Korea regime on the outside world, Kim is a leader who is set a power base which will rule for decades.