Yalda Dousti: The “ Call Me “ Exhibition Will Be Held In Dubai

Yalda Dousti: The “ Call Me “ Exhibition Will Be Held In Dubai

Yalda Dousti, a member of the Iranian Youth Culture and Arts Commission, said: “In order to exchange culture and spread the original Iranian art, the” Call Me “exhibition will be held in Dubai.

According to Forbes News, Yalda Dousti told reporters this morning: “The title of the exhibition and the way of presenting the works are such that the artist’s experience is central to the process of creating the work, which of course has a cultural, social and personal background for the artist.” Slow and the audience is also invited to see, hear and read that experience.

she added: “Since I was a child, I was very interested in Master Shajarian and hearing his voice made me feel strange.” This feeling continued in me, and now, even when I am working, Master Shajarian’s voice accompanies me.

Yalda Dousti said: “For a long time, I wanted to convey this feeling in a way to people who see my works, and so I decided to hold an exhibition” Call Me “.

A member of the country’s youth culture and art commission said: “These works will be displayed at the Dubai World Art Fair, which is held annually with the participation of artists and enthusiasts from all over the world.”

She said: This exhibition will be held for 4 days.
World art Dubai exhibition on: 16-19march 2022 .