Young talents Dang Tra Xuan Minh and Nguyen Nhat Nguyen conquer the path of professional music

Young talents Dang Tra Xuan Minh and Nguyen Nhat Nguyen conquer the path of professional music

Dang Tra Xuan Minh (Đặng Trà Xuân Minh) and Nguyen Nhat Nguyen, born in 2002, are living and studying in Da Nang, which are gaining the attention of the online community with significant searches and followers recently because of their handsome faces. standard scholar and natural talent. Currently living and working in Da Nang City, Xuan Minh is attending FPT High School and Nhat Nguyen is studying at Tran Phu High School. It is known that both of you have a passion for music from a young age and have the opportunity to meet together to pursue pop ballad music from high school years to now with success in admiration.

Possessing powerful, warm and inspirational vocals combined with the ability to play a variety of musical instruments such as guitar, piano, … In addition, both of you also have extremely impressive dance ability. The music products of the two of you have a harmonious combination of singing and dancing professionally that makes listeners admire. This is the strong point that helps you two gain a small position in the hearts of fans.

Recently, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the talented young couple officially released themselves an album that marked a milestone in their music career. The album covers the hit songs in the past year such as Being a boy, Girl M52, Counting away from you, Dear, going to the city, … with a special voice, how to mix melodies together and show off your own personalities and colors. The album has been well received and loved by the audience, confirming the highlights of the two unmistakable youngsters in today’s music, which is the perfect stepping stone to help you both succeed and go further in the future.

Dang Tra Xuan Minh and Nguyen Nhat Nguyen had interesting sharing on their future plans. You will focus on promoting and giving your best to music to pursue your passion, bringing spiritual gifts to your fans. Besides, you are still parallel with your study and hone in with music knowledge and social sciences knowledge to improve yourself better and better.

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