A Business Talk With Industry Leader Marco Calamassi On Social Media Marketing

Marco Calamassi is an Italian entrepreneur. He works in the digital marketing and ecommerce space. Marco is the founder of BrandsBuilder, a media company which helps influencers, web personalities, celebrities and medias develop their own brand, product or service that speaks to their existing audience. 

Do you have any side business or venture you are working on right now besides your marketing ?

Yes, I like investing in real estate properties in high-demand locations. Tourism will grow, we will travel more, we will fly to Rome just for a coffee in the upcoming decades. Everything will be faster and reachable.

What business advice would you give to a young entrepreneur ?

Never over-leverage your position in terms of risk or debt. It’s probably the opposite of what they are used to be told (“go all in”). When you are young you need to experience the most you can without getting burned. Try, test and fail until you’ll find your calling. Small tests and small fails. Adapt, know yourself better, find your path.

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