Netflix is increasing costs for its standard and premium plans

The streaming media organization is raising the costs of its standard and premium plans for US clients. Its standard plan is present $14 per month, up to $1 every month from a year ago.

Its premium subscription will go up to $2 to $18 per month. Its basic plan stays unchanged at $9 every month.

Netflix’s stock rose 5% following the news.

The new costs will produce results beginning quickly for new individuals while current individuals will be advised that their subscription is going up as it turns out throughout the next few months.

“We understand people have more entertainment choices than ever and we’re committed to delivering an even better experience for our members,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. “We’re updating our prices so that we can continue to offer more variety of TV shows and films.”

The representative added that Netflix offers “a range of plans so that people can pick a price that works best for their budget.”

Netflix’s price hike, which was first revealed by The Verge, is anything but an immense astonishment. Netflix spends billions on content, and this is an approach to help income as the “outlook for subscriber growth is substantially slower in the future than the past,” as indicated by Bernie McTernan, a senior examiner at Rosenblatt Securities.

“The price increase was a matter of when not if,” McTernan told CNN Business. “It shows they think people will be willing to pay more for the service as the pandemic disrupts content production thus making their vast library more valuable.”

The news comes seven days the organization posted easing back development in new subscriptions and lower-than-anticipated benefits. This came after Netflix had a gigantic 2020 in light of individuals being stuck at home during the Covid pandemic.

Netflix was gotten some information about raising costs during its profit call a week ago.

“The core model we have, and what we think really our responsibility and our job is, is to take the money that our members give us every month and invest that as judiciously and as smartly as we can,” Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating officer, said on the call. “If we do that well … and make that efficiency and effectiveness better, we will deliver more value to our members, and we will occasionally go back and ask those members to pay a little bit more to keep that virtuous cycle of investment and value creation going.”

Netflix is the ruler of streaming and the moves it makes, particularly regarding the cost to the purchaser, resonates all through the market.

For instance, McTernan noticed that Disney’s stock had a positive response following the declaration of Netflix’s pricing going up.

“This will give Disney+ cover to raise prices at some point,” he said.


Apple One fails to solve problems with various Apple IDs

Apple One incorporates one option for helping clients deal with numerous Apple IDs for iCloud storage, however, doesn’t resolve the long-standing issues, and adds to the confusion.

Some Apple clients have different Apple IDs for their iCloud accounts and their App Store and Services subscriptions. That is on the grounds that Apple’s cloud-based services and its iTunes-related subscriptions were at first separate.

Back in September, Apple worker Chris Espinosa said that Apple One “manages” circumstances like these. Since the presentation of the packaged service on Friday, apparently, it mitigates the issue yet doesn’t solve it.

During the Apple One sign-up process, clients will be incited with the option to relate their included Apple One storage with the Apple ID that they presently use for iCloud. That implies clients will get the amount of storage included with Apple One on their iCloud Apple IDs, and the initial iCloud storage plan will be canceled (however their information will stay intact). The other packaged Apple One services will be related to a client’s primary iTunes/App Store ID.

Obviously, this solution doesn’t include union or converging of accounts. It just gets rid of one issue of having a different Apple ID for iCloud and the App Store and iTunes.

Clients are likewise given the alternative to keep their Apple One iCloud storage related to their primary iTunes and App Store account. In these cases, the storage for each account will be dealt with separately.

At any rate, one Twitter client said that they decided to utilize their iTunes/App Store represent the included Apple One storage. At the point when they did, it auto-canceled their iCloud Apple ID storage plan. From that point forward, the entirety of the information in that storage allegedly appeared on their Apple One account.

It could basically be an instance of a client’s gadget uploading its information to iCloud on a new plan rather than an actual transferal of information starting with one Apple ID then onto the next.

While the options here will assist clients with different Apple IDs really sign up for the service, it’s a long way from the simple account merging or combination that clients have been requesting.


Diouldé Barry’s journey to becoming a hugely successful entrepreneur within the fitness industry

Diouldé Barry doesn’t believe in giving up. He didn’t and he doesn’t let others. After years of grooming his own life, he has learned how to turn around his mind. He agrees life isn’t fair for all but getting defeated is totally not an option. In his exclusive online course, “Your Human Potential”, he teaches his clients to be a better version of themselves. On being asked his secret to success, Barry shares, “I just show them who they can be. And trust me, once you see what you can achieve, there’s no going back.” He designed this course to help people gain confidence and achieve success in life.

Diouldé Barry was the first influencer in France to begin online brand promotion. The response was amazing. The audience connected and his approach grew. There was also a section of people who wanted to learn how to go about it. Recognizing the requirement, Diouldé exclusively created another course called” Brand Mastery”. It’s a brand new course that is set to roll on December, 13th. The course covers the guide to creating a successful brand and also promoting it.

Being a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry, Diouldé Barry knows what it takes to create and sustain a successful brand. He has been in the fitness industry for five years now. He launched his Fitness Brand called “Health Nutrition” in January 2018. The brand has been well received by consumers. And his business house, Barry Empire now has a large team of 30 members catering to the flourishing market. The company made over 5 million pounds in a year post its launch.

Diouldé Barry doesn’t want to stop here. He is ambitious and wants to serve society. He plans to expand his nutrition brand in the near future and open offices across the major cities. On a personal level, Diouldé wants to keep learning. He says that only when he learns, can he share valuable insights with people. Nothing drives him more than filling people with motivation and enthusiasm for building a better future.


Maria Jones on her passion to help people maximize their hidden potential

Ambition is the fuel that runs the engine of the world. It has made great men of ordinary men, extraordinary women of regular women and in general, given our world ideals that can be mirrored and admired. Sure, there’s a dark side to ambition, like there is to everything else in life. But it’s the bright side of ambition, the ambition that numinous, that strives to make the world, richer, better, and altogether beautiful. Maria Jones is a woman of deep ambition. Her ambition has helped her soar to great career heights. As ex-Vice President at Cointelegraph Media Group, and a worldwide special guest and public speaker, Maria is often in the limelight for her courage, positivity, and insight. It’s only befitting that she has made it her mission to help others reach their full potential.

A self-made woman in a field where women are yet to carve a niche, Maria is full of ideas, suggestions, and hope. In her many years as a working woman, she has created a list of self-help ideas that every man and every woman can apply to themselves to bring out their hidden potential. First and foremost among her suggestions is to “invest in yourself. You can be your best or worst creation. To become your best you must come to possess qualities like discipline, self-love, self-knowledge, self-respect. Without these fundamental realizations, you will not be able to break free from your insecurities and unnecessary fears.”

Investing in one’s self is a long-term plan as it helps you “become more self-aware and thus more responsible in your attitude towards yourself.” Says the visionary leader. Another aspect of self-fulfillment, as per Maria is to “Keep learning. Take your time to get to know yourself (your dreams, your career desires, your family goals, what do you want, your fears, your strengths) and listen to your INTUITION, listen to your HEART.”

The world of business is a great place to learn and grow as a person. And therefore it helps to have a “creative business plan. Step back from boring business planning and confusing financial statements and step forward to a very simple ONE-PAGE document that allows you to dive into this creative planning process and make it your own visual style. Use your RIGHT BRAIN IMAGINATION, to fully embrace your creative nature and become more successful!” Her mission is a product of her own experience. As she experienced a refined sense of self, she understood that it’s not success that makes a person but the person who makes success. With 600K followers on Instagram and 4K fans on Twitter, it’s safe to say that her mission is underway and going strong.


Renowned Jeweler and Diamond mogul Ori Vechler’s meteoric rise to fame

The world’s biggest diamond players in the billion worth of diamond industry are glittering stronger and brighter as the demand for their products is beaming with joy. Each of these stories spans the world’s diamond hearts: from the Mediterranean capital of cool, Tel Aviv, to the dust of lands, Surat, from New York city’s glittering showrooms, to the Belgian city of Antwerp. Among others, the one to leap out in million-dollar style is Ori Vechler of Gemma Fine Jewelry, who comes from a lineage of traditional clutters, creating not just custom bespoke fine jewelry but also high-end one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with rarest and finest diamonds.

Portraying a fine crafty eye for detail, the diamantaire has dressed many celebrities, industrialists, and other high-profile individuals with an elegant sparkle. But Vechler’s own inspiration comes from a close source – his own family – who’s built a prominent status in the industry as world-renowned diamond traders. In fact, the trader still continues to import raw materials and other essentials through his family connections and others from the network that he’s managed to create throughout the years.

So, what makes Vechler and his brand, Gemma Fine Jewelry, stand out from the rest? He explains it’s a simple matter of rarity, uniqueness, and elegance in the designs, quality, and service. “All the jewels found at Gemma are our own creations. At present, we have our own productivity and creative centre. So, we provide a complete guarantee of our pieces in terms of the finish. In fact, our diamonds go through extensive quality control so as to make sure that each diamond that enters the vault is thoroughly graded by top-notch labs in the world. Not only that, our team of in-house jewelry designers, who come with years of experience and expertise, are adept at designing fine jewelry pieces as per clients’ requirements. Whether they are looking for a luxurious selection of rings or pendants, necklaces or anklets, earrings, or bracelets – there’s nothing we do not personalize.”

In terms of his future plans, the diamantaire believes, there’s a limited time each one of us has, and thus, he wants to continue specializing in his works of art, whilst mastering the understanding of big-sized diamonds – both white and fancy – something, that his brand specializes in. Having majorly catered to the Asian market, so far, Vechler aims to spread his base throughout North America, the Middle East, and more.


Here Are the Lyrics to Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel, ‘Dear God”

After a series of delays, Nigerian musician Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel finally delivered his new single titled “Dear God“.

Produced by Beatz by Simao.
Directed by Anthony Ejefoh.
Check out the full lyrics below.


Dear God I am your son
And I request you today
Mofed’eni eye
Please make it better here

Verse 1:

Dear God I’m asking you as a son
Growing up thinking what my life would be
Be interesting, be sad or be fun
It feel like my heart is starting to bleed

Verse 2:

I’m gonna cry all my tears out
At young age I began to write rhymes
Take a pen, take a card do some art
Fine, I stopped I felt they weren’t even mine

Verse 3:

Sometimes I check my life and ask what am I missing
So much negativity
So many critics
Critics, once, twice
Critics every time
And discourage at the same time
Dear God, please make it better here
I wanna make it this year


God please take my hurt away
God please I wanna laugh again
God please I wanna smile again
I wanna be successful and have fame

Bridge 2:

Oluwa, shower your blessings on me
Blessings on me
Blessings on me


Are Electric Auto Transport Trucks The Future Of Auto Shipping?

Electric cars, which were mostly science fiction just 20 years ago, are now driving regularly on our streets thanks to automakers like Tesla, and other major automakers like Ford and GM are now releasing electric vehicles with their Mustang Mach E and Hummer EV, respectively.

This begs the question – when will electric trucks begin to take over our roads? The technology isn’t quite there yet, but electric trucking may soon become a reality. Experts at, for instance, believe that in the next decade or two, electric trucking may completely revolutionize how cars are shipped and delivered throughout the United States.

Electric Auto Transport Trucks May Soon Become A Reality

Tesla has already built an electric semi-truck that has been tested and used throughout the United States, and is accepting reservations for its semi-truck in the future, though a release date has not yet been announced.

And they’re not the only company investing in electric trucks. Volvo has made an electric truck, and there are quite a few other electric truck and van companies to watch, from respected manufacturers like Daimler as well as startups like Nikola and Rivian.

The Benefits Of Electric Trucks For Shipping Cars

So, why would electric trucks even be desirable for shipping cars and other types of freight? Electric powertrains offer quite a few benefits compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) powertrains – so let’s take a look at them now.

●     Lower cost of maintenance – Electric vehicles (EVs) have far fewer moving, wearable parts compared to ICE-powered vehicles. This can result in a huge reduction of maintenance costs, including lower expenditures on parts and labor.

●     Reduced energy consumption – Electric vehicles are about 60-72% efficient, meaning that 60% to 72% of the energy used is converted to on-road performance. Diesel ICE vehicles typically have an efficiency of about 41%.

●     Improved overall performance – With electric powertrains, semi-trucks will be able to develop more power and torque when hauling heavy loads, leading to better maneuverability and safety, and superior overall performance on the road.

●     Environmentally-friendly – EVs don’t use fossil fuels, and while they still rely on electricity from the power grid to operate, this energy can be gathered from renewable sources such as wind, hydroelectric power, and solar power.

●     No additional generators needed for long hauls – Long-haul trucks often must have APUs (auxiliary power units) to run lights, power outlets, HVAC systems, and other systems when the truck is stopped overnight, such as at a truck stop. One added benefit of electric auto transport trucks is that they would not require such a generator, further reducing running costs and enhancing environmental friendliness.

Because of these benefits, auto shipping in the future will be faster, more efficient, and more environmentally-friendly than ever before.

The Challenges Of Electric Trucks For Shipping Cars

Given all the above benefits, it may seem like electric trucks are certainly the best option to ship cars and semi-trailers full of cargo throughout the United States. But though they do have plentiful advantages, there are also some drawbacks of electric auto shipping trucks.

●     Delivery range – The biggest challenge of all-electric vehicles is stuffing enough battery cells into the vehicle to give it sufficient range. Batteries are heavy and expensive – and even Tesla’s semi-truck is expected to only have a range of between 400-500 miles. It seems likely that electric auto transport trucks will not be used for cross-country deliveries until battery technology improves.

●     Infrastructure – To truly be comparable to diesel trucks, investments will need to be made to build out charging stations with standardized chargers throughout truck stops, rest stops, and other areas in the United States, which will be costly and may take a long time.

●     Up-front costs – Electric trucks for shipping cars will be more expensive than diesel powered trucks. The Tesla Semi, for example, is anticipated to cost $200,000 when it launches. New, mid-range diesel vehicles usually cost about $100,000, so costs will be a major concern, particularly for owner-operators.

These challenges can certainly be overcome – but it will require the buy-in of lawmakers throughout the nation, and widely available, affordable electric semi-trucks that can prove that they are in the same league as traditional diesel-powered vehicles.

Electric Auto Transport Trucks Are The Future Of Auto Shipping – But Face Challenges

The electric vehicle revolution is coming. Some states like California, anticipating this change, have banned sales of new gas-powered cars starting as early as 2035. And though EVs like electric auto transport trucks do face some challenges, it’s likely that in the future of road-based trucking is electric. So keep an eye on major truck manufacturers – in the next decade or two, you’re likely to see a major shift away from diesel powertrains, and toward EVs.


King Nasir Joins the Music Scene to Preach His Message of Confidence

Being from New York has helped young artist King Nasir with his persona and to develop as an individual. The East coast is typically an upfront culture, and this way of life has translated into King Nasir’s music and can be heard a fair amount in most of his lyrics. He is constantly rapping about his high lifestyle and how women are attracted to his radiance.

Making this music, King Nasir hopes to inspire others to be themselves in every aspect of life. When asked about his intentions for music, the artist responded, “You should just do you, be you, and don’t worry about the irrelevant.” This mindset is what has gotten King Nasir where is today and by becoming a musician, he now is hoping to inspire others to do the same.

Taking on a new music career can be tricky for some but not for King Nasir. The New York uprising is begging as he is taking over the game one song at a time. Already with two under his belt, he will continue to excel just as long as he can continue to keep at this pace.

Follow King Nasir on Instagram:

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Toronto DJ Anthony Sorella is Making a Name for Himself Across Career Fields

Anthony Sorella has built his career, to this point, on taking risks and using the confidence he’s gained over the past years to try new things. From his career as a promoter in the Toronto club scene, to founding marketing firms and beginning his career in music, Sorella is doing all he can to make a name for himself and help other along the way.

“Growing up I was tone deaf. Maybe I still am, but I have always had a sense for beats and rhythm,” recalls Sorella. Anthony Sorella has spent years as a DJ, but just recently has he began releasing tracks as a production artist. His musical career, though, isn’t about telling deep stories or sharing his meaningful experiences, but rather serves as a tribute to everyone who inspired him in career as a promoter. “I don’t know if I think in ‘takeaways’ but I want my music to keep the party going in a chill way.”

With three singles already released and a full-length album nearly finished, Sorella’s sonics and aesthetic are to pay homage to all those people who inspired him. “I love those people. Party for hours and still have energy for more. I’d love to create a whole album dedicated to them.” That is exactly what Sorella is planning to do with his upcoming album, P4r7y D0nt St4hp. Meant as a tribute to who Sorella refers to as “afterhours rock star”, his debut album is self-described as “something you can listen to that isn’t totally hyped but doesn’t end the party even when the club is closed.” P4r7y D0nt St4hp is set for release on January 1st, 2021 and will serve as the perfect way to bring in the new year after the night’s celebrations.

Keep up with everything Anthony Sorella has going on by following him on Instagram.

Business Technology

Sergey Kartashov on relocation: IT companies move to a place where there are infrastructure and friends

CEO Generation partners Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs) talks about the relocation of IT companies in 2020 and outlines the main factors affecting the choice of a comfortable location.

In 2020, Re.Locate.IT conference was organized with the participation of Generation Partners and directly Sergey Kartashov. During the event, speakers and participants identified the best countries for the development of the IT business and discussed the difficulties the companies may face once they decide to relocate.

Why do startups relocate?

There are many reasons for this. And as paradoxical as it may seem at first glance, taxes are not the first of them. Investors and representatives of the IT-industry assure that the main reason is comfortable and, most importantly, effective legislation that protects IP – intellectual property. According to this parameter, countries can be divided into categories.

‘There are not so many countries in category A. It includes the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, and Cyprus. Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, and a number of other countries are in category B,’ says Sergey Kartashov. ‘Companies are moving to places where their work will be protected first of all and where the project team can comfortably find accommodations. In this case, we are talking about real estate prices, developed infrastructure, and whether there is a professional community. Another important factor is the flight time to the home country and the key locations important to the business.’

Business infrastructure is also an important issue. Apart from protecting intellectual property, companies require comfortable conditions for their financial and economic activities. It is essential to be able to work with banks, lawyers, accountants, auditors, and officials without any problems.

‘There is a recent bad example. Latvia is losing its position as one of the best relocation countries in Eastern Europe. The reason is the tightening of AML (anti-money laundering) rules. Today, non-residents who come to Latvia to create a company there cannot open bank accounts,’ notes Sergey Kartashov.

The companies also consider subjective factors, such as venture funds and angel investors in the relocation place. Although in 2020, you cannot talk about these aspects without a degree of skepticism, as for almost a year, the whole world has been working remotely. During this time, there have appeared many opportunities and communities that can help you advertise and sell your projects without leaving your home.

Another important factor is the mentality. You can come with a Christian mentality to a Muslim country, but you’ve got to be prepared to adapt to a local culture which is quite different from what you may use to. Also, according to experts, it may be quite difficult to adapt to Asian countries.

Where is it better?

So, there are enough countries with good and effective legislation to develop IT companies and that have a suitable infrastructure, but how to choose the best among them? One of the factors that developers and investors prioritize is having a strong community. For instance, one of the most popular locations for game developers is Cyprus. There is a really large community from the CIS countries and the largest Russian-speaking community in the world. And this community is not virtual, it is real. Local developers hold a lot of tech-related and personal meetings, they even organize clubs. At the same time, machine learners prefer to work in Berlin where there is a strong community of machine learning specialists.

There are many successful cases of moving to Estonia because the local legislation allows you to register a company fast and easy there. There is an effective digital government in Estonia so you can process almost all documents via the Internet. This way, you can relocate practically without leaving the office, i.e. open a bank account, issue all permits and other documents online.

Previously, Israel was a powerful center for IT developers, but it is quite an expensive country to live in. Plus, the cultural and political characteristics of this state do not make it such a calm place compared to, for instance, Cyprus or Malta.

Although, Malta has been losing ground recently. This country is very small and lately, it tends to be overcrowded. As a result, prices have gone up greatly, it has become difficult to find good lodging and offices. And, most importantly, Malta has been experiencing a very serious political crisis for the second year already which has turned into an economic crisis as well. In addition, Malta is on the verge of being placed into the EU gray zone for failing to comply with EU requirements. Therefore, today Malta is not the best option for relocation.

What to take with you?

First of all, experts recommend taking an experienced HR officer with you. HR specialist is extremely important as it is better to find local specialists for your team rather than relocate a lot of people as it is simply not quite profitable. Startups are fast-growing companies and there is a constant need for new people and new professionals.

‘Dividing a team between two countries is also a common situation. The companies transfer intellectual property to a place with a more suitable jurisdiction, such as Cyprus, while keeping the developing or manufacturing part of the company in a country with a large choice of personnel, for example, to Ukraine or Belarus. We are talking about times before the latest events, of course,’ says Sergey Kartashov.

In practice, the startups from, for instance, Ukraine or Belarus, have the following situation: the CEO and 20% of the company’s employees move to a place like Cyprus, and the rest of the team stays at home or works on outsourcing with countries with a cheaper cost of living. However, each business is unique, so managers should take into account their situation and customize the location appropriately.

Despite the large number of objective factors influencing the choice of the country for relocation, Kartashov considers the key factor the one that is actually the most subjective one. The companies relocate to a country where they have friends and people that have already studied its special aspects and that can help with all the necessary processes.