Xiaomi Mi 11 is at long last stepping outside China one week from now

Xiaomi has apparently begun sending out media invites for the global launch of the Mi 11. As per TechRadar, the Snapdragon 888 flagship will be reported in Europe on February 8 at 1 PM CET (7 AM ET).

The date appears to be about right since we likewise heard gossip about it on the Xiaomiui Telegram channel yesterday. The organization is additionally prodding something on its Twitter account, demonstrating that the authority date declaration could be out very soon.

The Mi 11 was the first phone to launch with Qualcomm’s most recent flagship processor. In any case, its global launch comes after that of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series which went on open sale today.

Despite the fact that Xiaomi has just reported one phone under the Mi 11 moniker till now, it’s accepted that we’ll likewise get the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Lite sooner or in the not so distant future. The previous was even seen in Xiaomi’s code for MIUI 12’s Gallery application.

Will Xiaomi launch the two additional models close by the regular Mi 11 on February 8? All things considered, that is anybody’s guess. The organization is being tight-lipped about it, yet we won’t need to stand by long to discover.

Up to that point, you can find out about the Mi 11 here. The flagship phone won’t have numerous competitors when it lands in Europe. It’ll additionally give the region its first taste of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip since Samsung is just selling Exynos models of the Galaxy S21 series there.


NASA is getting ready for 7 minutes of absolute fear

At the point when NASA launched its Mars 2020 mission a year ago it was the finish of one chapter and the start of another. The mission, which has been going through space for as far back as a while, is scheduled to show up on the Martian surface on February 18th, and NASA is tallying during the time until that touchdown occurs.

One of the greatest obstacle that actually exists between NASA and an effective Mars 2020 mission is simply the arrival of the rover capsule. The supposed “seven minutes of terror” that NASA frequently talks about with respect to the arrival is basically a seven-minute window where the spacecraft will start its descent and, if all goes as arranged, deliver the most technologically advanced machine ever worked for space investigation to the surface of the planet.

As a result of the distance between Mars and Earth, controlling the spacecraft in realtime is out of the question. Commands would require minutes to make it to their destination, so it’s dependent upon the rocket to represent any variables that could threaten the descent and landing.

On the off chance that the spacecraft is successful, and the landing goes off effortlessly, the potential for new discoveries on Mars is tremendous. The Perseverance wanderer is the most developed piece of hardware ever shipped off Mars, and it will have the option to inform researchers things regarding the Red Planet that have never been concentrated in such a manner previously.

“Perseverance’s refined science instruments won’t only assistance in the hunt for fossilized microbial life, yet additionally extend our insight into Martian topography and its past, present, and future,” Caltech’s Ken Farley, a researcher working on the Mars 2020 mission, said in a proclamation. “Our science team has been busy planning how best to work with what we anticipate will be a firehose of cutting-edge data. That’s the kind of ‘problem’ we are looking forward to.”


5G Samsung Galaxy S20 series receives an Android update early, yet before the Pixels

Samsung has truly stepped up its redesign game recently and as indicated by SamMobile, the South Korean maker seems to own a working crystal ball. Despite the fact that we are as yet in January, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is right now getting the February 2021 Android security patch in different nations outside the states. Indeed, getting a security update early isn’t as exciting as getting the following build of Android early, yet it is something, right?

The security update is turning out in the U.K. and Europe to the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+ and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. You want a more exact breakdown of the nations where it is February in January? Don’t worry about it. Other than the U.K., a year ago’s Galaxy S20 series is getting the February security patch in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the Nordic nations.

On the off chance that you own one of the Galaxy S20 models, you can verify whether the update has hit your handset by going to Settings > Software update. Tap on Download and install. The update incorporates the security patch only. Try not to anticipate that it should accompany the most recent version of Sammy’s UI (One UI 3.1), the last is accessible just on the Galaxy S21 line and the Galaxy Tab S7/Galaxy Tab S7+.


Cody Vaujin Helps You Bring Down the House

In handicapping parlance, the ‘house’ refers to those who offer the moves to players. Most of the time, this refers to big casinos, but may also refer to bookies or, in recent times, online handicapping websites. The term is often used with the implication that the odds are always in the house’s favor. That is, the system is designed for the house to ‘win’ and be able to make a profit in the long run.

This, however, does not necessarily mean that beating the house is impossible. On an individual level, a large number of players have made a living out of calculated handicapping. At the minimum, this requires a strategic approach to handicapping that relies on careful analysis instead of the usual emotional cues. For even greater success, some renowned personalities have made a mark in the industry through the ingenious ways by which they turned the tables on the house and rigged the system to their favor. Like the MIT blackjack team popularized by the movie ‘21’ and mathematics-professor-turned-card-counting-pioneer Edward Thorp, many such players have become the stuff of legends in the handicapping world.

Even for the regular individual, exerting effort in research, analysis, and other handicapping busywork can significantly tip the odds in one’s favor. Through such methods, sports handicapping becomes more like mainstream ventures such as stocks or real estate trading. Nowhere is this more visible than in the bustling world of sports handicapping. Today, the market abounds with handicapping sites and consultancy services that offer insights, forecasts, and analyses for the thousands of aspiring handicappers hoping to make a quick buck.

In this murky market, renowned sports handicapper and entrepreneur Cody Vaujin has distinguished himself as one of the best in the field. Through his more than four years in the industry, Cody has defined himself through his overall handicapping ability, highly-acclaimed sports consulting services, and customer-oriented entrepreneurial outlook resulting in a large following of loyal clients who trust Cody to look out for their best financial interests.

Cody’s popularity would start to soar in the summer of 2016 when he won first place in a sports handicapping contest participated in by some of the industry’s most talented individuals. Buoyed in both confidence and financial resources by this success, Cody decided to drop out of college to commit entirely to sports handicapping. Ever confident, Cody dived headfirst into the fray by putting in his entire $5,000 bankroll in a six-team parlay, an extremely high-risk play. This first move would do wonders for both Cody’s resources and his reputation, as his seemingly reckless play netted him a profit of $215,000.

Cody’s fame and finances would only grow from this event. Soon after, he hit The Strip daily with moves ranging from $20,000 to over $50,000. In six short months, Cody was a high-roller who had turned his meager $5,000 bankroll into a whopping $4 million in profit. This success, however, did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the proverbial house. Soon after, Cody would find himself cut off from his lifestyle as the casinos he frequented banned him for his success.

Never one to give up, Cody instead turned the setback into an opportunity. Soon after, he would use his large following and the experience he accumulated to establish Codycoverspreads. Through this company, he aimed to train others toward sports handicapping success using many of the same techniques he once used. Through this, Cody aims to not only get back at the casinos that banned him from playing but also help others achieve their financial independence through careful sports handicapping.

Today, Cody’s services have resulted in a consistent 77% accuracy rate for his over 50,000 clients worldwide. Facing continuously increasing demand, Cody often has to resort to turning down clients to be able to allot the needed focus for each of his clients. Even at his own expense, such care for his clients continually manifests itself in Cody’s business ethos. For instance, he recently had to begin looking for sports handicapping opportunities on a global scale in order to continue to profit for his clients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

 You can find out more about Cody Vaujin and his services through his business Instagram, @Codycoverspreads. You may also sign up and inquire about Cody’s services by visiting his website.


The Lions require to trade Matthew Stafford by March 21

The Lions desire to trade quarterback Matthew Stafford. The clock is ticking on their efforts to work out a deal.

The league year initiates on March 17. On the off chance that Stafford stays on the program as of March 21, the Lions owe Stafford a $10 million roster bonus.

Stafford without a doubt won’t consent to defer that payment to encourage a trade. In the event that the Lions don’t have a reasonable proposal for Stafford by the launch of the new league year, the Lions may need to take all that they can will try not to owe him $10 million.

Detroit’s dilemma with regards to amplifying Stafford’s trade value comes from the way that it has clarified its eagerness to trade him. A few groups may decide to be coy, hopeful that Detroit’s expectations will soften to the point that Stafford can be caught for significantly not exactly the Lions desire to get for him.

The way that lone 33% of the league has called the Lions about Stafford despite the fact that it’s currently realized that the Lions want to trade Stafford supports the perception/reality that groups are standing by to get included, with expectations of making the Lions think they won’t get what they want before March 21, and that they just may need to take what they can get.

As one league source clarified it on Thursday, groups continually call different groups about a wide variety of players, even the individuals who aren’t under agreement. Definitely in excess of 10 teams ought to have called the Lions about Stafford at this point; it’s completely conceivable that groups will slow play the circumstance with an end goal to get the Lions to jump on considerably less than they’d in any case have the option to get, if different groups thought there was an opportunity the Lions would keep him.

All things considered, it doesn’t take numerous groups to start an auction for Stafford’s agreement. On the off chance that lone two groups become expectation on landing Stafford, they can offer the cost to a level with which the Lions will be satisfied.

In any case, when the window opens for officially conducting trades, the Lions don’t have a lot of time to complete it before the Lions owe Stafford another $10 million.


Elon Musk affirms new Tesla Roadster has been deferred to 2022

Elon Musk affirmed that the new Tesla Roadster has been postponed to 2022 – a decent two years behind the original schedule.

At the point when first disclosing the next-generation Tesla Roadster in 2017, Musk said that it will come to market in 2020.

Tesla began taking reservations for the noteworthy electric supercar with a 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds and more than 600 miles of reach at the divulging event.

Individuals who needed to be preferred choice to get the vehicle needed to put down somewhere in the range of $50,000 and $250,000 in deposits.

The vehicle program was later deferred as the CEO said that it wasn’t a need for Tesla.

A year ago, Musk hinted to Tesla Roadster being postponed right to 2022 as the automaker focuses on the Cybertruck.

Presently the CEO affirmed that the production of Tesla’s new Roadster won’t begin until one year from now.

That is around two years after the fact than the original timeline, however with a delivery applicant on the road this summer, it could imply that the new Roadster could be coming early in 2022.

With Tesla currently launching the Model Plaid with teasing insane capacity like 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds and a quarter-mile in under 10 seconds, Tesla must push the Roadster to better.

Tesla has just been teasing insane new capacity with something many refer to as the “SpaceX package,” which comprises of a lot of cold air thrusters around the vehicle, and is required to result in far better performance.

While examining how Model S Plaid’s new performance specs play into the new Roadster, Musk said that the Roadster is “part rocket,” likely referring to the SpaceX package.


Stadia’s greatest (planned) exclusive won’t be elite any longer

Crayta’s planned Stadia exclusivity is reaching a conclusion soon, with engineer Unit 2 Games affirming that the title will advance toward PC “very soon.” Originally declared as a “First on Stadia” timed exclusive, Crayta’s jump to different platforms was in every case more an issue of “when” as opposed to “if,” however the declaration denotes the first official sign of the regular PC port.

The organization guarantees that it’ll have more data (including a launch date and the digital storefront where Crayta will be offered) in the coming weeks, yet it guarantees that it’s “still every bit as committed to Stadia as we’ve always been.” The new PC version will likewise offer full crossplay with the Stadia version of Crayta.

A Minecraft-style game creation game that is based on Unreal Engine, Crayta’s standout feature (beside the uncommon status of a Stadia-exclusive title) was as one of the first games to embrace Stadia’s State Share technology, which (in theory) guaranteed that any Stadia player could join a Crayta world just by tapping on a link. It’s a feature that will probably remain exclusive to the Stadia version of the game even after the PC port launches, given its dependence on Google’s streaming tech to pull off.

The Galaxy Buds Pro are Samsung’s most up to date remote earbuds. They come in Phantom Silver, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Black and are accessible today for $200. With strong microphones, a slim design, and nice battery life, these earbuds have kept the entirety of the great parts or the Galaxy Buds that have preceded them. However, what acquires them their Pro title are for the most part their additional features.


Xiaomi’s ‘Air Charge’ technology operates more than a few meters

Xiaomi has declared “Mi Air Charge Technology,” a wireless charging system that the organization claims can charge gadgets “within a radius of several meters.” Multiple gadgets can be charged at 5W simultaneously, as indicated by Xiaomi, and physical obstacles clearly don’t diminish charging productivity.

Xiaomi says the technology will likewise work with smartwatches and fitness bracelets. Another goal is to make “living rooms truly wireless,” with speakers, lamps, and smart home gadgets all being powered by a similar remote system. A Xiaomi agent affirms to The Verge, notwithstanding, that no commercial products will incorporate the technology this year, and declined to give a time span to release.

Obviously, you ought to be doubtful about the possibilities of this technology making it to market until proof proposes in any case. Organizations like Energous have been making declarations about “truly wireless charging” at CES and beyond for several years, yet the technology is yet to acquire serious traction. Xiaomi has shown wireless charging engineering breakthroughs before, in any case, and has the upside of claiming a colossal hardware ecosystem that it could theoretically use.


Enthusiastic career of Tai Dinero, young entrepreneur

Tai Brown, popular as Tai Dinero, is an young upcoming entrepreneur & influencer, who is scaling new heights in his career. He is a multi-talented personality who had undergone a severe poverty phase in his growing years. Now, he is popular as a young entrepreneur, investor, and influencer.

Tai has made his identity as an investor, forex trader, crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur, and upcoming musician. Due to his extremely poor life in Jamaica, Tai Brown shifted to the US to earn money by grabbing growth opportunities.

Since the multi-faceted personality lives on his own, he plans to earn 2-5k per day with a risk of losing all money. In his life, Tai Brown has faced major challenges of growing up under criminal and bad influence in Philadelphia.

Follow him to know more about him by visiting the links mentioned below.

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Cleaving Sapphire Wafers – Reducing Loss and Increasing Yield

Cleaving is one of the swiftest methods where it is used in preparing materials of semiconductor and silicon. Sapphire is a material known for its single crystal material, but the cleaving process does not go well with it.

The methods that are existing are cleaving and sawing, but the yields are insufficient because of fractures that occur during the material loss during the processing period. Although methods like laser scribing and cryogenic cooling are known to minimize material loss, unwanted fractures, delamination, and chipping, but they are expensive and time-consuming. They can create problems like thermal damage, poor edge quality, and more.

Cleaving is considered the inexpensive and quickest method, that guarantees little to no material loss. This is guaranteed by the Latticegear, where it has developed two new cleaving methods. It needs its special cleaving tooland is different from handheld cleaving and scribing. It distinguishes itself from the other process as it involves new techniques. This method allows repeated process and eliminates the variation that takes place during the operational period. Besides, they also allow a new test, which is something not possible with the handheld process.

Let’s take a look at the two steps that are required to cleave.

  • Step 1 – Weak Point Creation

It refers to the defect that is formed on the sample material. This weak point will be cleave’sstarting point. It is not possible to separate pieces without splitting a substrate. The weak point is created with the help of an indenter or diamond scriber.

The weak point on the sample edge will define the accuracy and quality of the cleave. The weak point, if made at an angle that is wide, deep, or not straight, then there are high chances that it will create fractures. In some cases, it will also create micro-fractures. This will affect the accuracy and quality of the surface that is cleaved and will affect it negatively.

  • Cleaving

The next step to prepare a cleaved sample is cleaving. Stress is created on the weak point and then it is propagated and initiated on the sample. For instance, for the crystalline sample, the best weak point must be short as it helps to initiate cleave baking a crystal plane. This method will ensure a cross-section and will also present a mirror finish.

In the case of an amorphous sample, it will break without a crystal plane and will spread in the weak point direction. It will also not be straight unless a long scribe is made across the direction of the cleavage or the desired line. There will not be a mirror finish for the cross-section.

The point that is noted here is the crystal plane is counted to cleave and presents a rough edge. Cleaving can be done by splitting the samples into 2 pieces with pliers, fingers, or pins.

Cleaving a 3” Sapphire Wafer

Method 1 – Use of LatticeAx

The LatticeAx creates a cleaving and weak point production into one single tool. To create a weak point, a wedge-shaped diamond indenter is used. It takes the utmost five minutes to complete the process. It follows a crystal plane process and is based on the production of tools.

Method 2 – Use of Flipscribe

It is a tool to scribe the sample’s backside, while the operator works on the sample’s frontside. The samples are guided manually or with the aid of sample holders. This process shows that no matter how difficult the materials are, like in the case of sapphire, it can be cleaved effectively.

The preparation of LatticeAx presents a cleaved edge with a mirror finish, as it cleaves alongside the crystal plane. The Flipside does not come in contact with the frontside sample. While a clean break is defined and generated by the scribe line, which is aligned with the targeted surface.

It is believed that sapphire is one of the most difficult materials to cleave. But by using the right method and technique, it can be cleaved easily and smoothly. With the aid of a wafer cleaving tooland the right processes, the directions of the cleave can be controlled. The Flipscribe and LatticeAx are the prime additions when it comes to downsizing sapphire wafers for cross-section analysis and testing.